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Guild Services coming to a server near you!

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Guild Services coming to a server near you!

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10.02.2017 , 08:35 PM | #1
Hello, Shadowlands Server!

I am Manager, and I run <Guild Services> . We are primarily on the Ebon Hawk server with some operations on Harbinger. We are a unique avenue for the player base to take advantage of various in-game services to make the stress of running and funding guilds easier, as well as providing social gatherings for people to meet, listen to our real DJ’s spin music during the weekends.

With the upcoming server merges, Shadowlands as well as Jedi Covenant, Prophecy of the Five, and Jung Ma will be merged with Ebon Hawk to create “Star Forge” server. This being said we will be an active part of the new server even though you may not have heard or seen us before!

We write this post to inform our expanded community of what we offer, and a little about us so you too can benefit from our services like the people of Ebon Hawk have for over a year.

So first thing first what exactly do we do?

1. Sell Guilds.
We sell previously dead/inactive guilds, decorate them, fix them up, expand them and resell to those who want to start a new chapter of their SWTOR time by taking on the responsibility of creating a community or a sign of personal wealth by having your own private flagship! -for cheaper- than it otherwise would be through the vendor and overprices frameworks cost. A true Win/Win.

2. Guild Decorations
We sell guild decorations for up to 75% off lowest GTN price. Do note, this is only applicable for guild use, but provides a better alternative than going through the overprices GTN. And we have almost every decoration in game, so chances are we have it.

3. Party Services
We have four full time DJ’s in our guild. Ranging from mixing music to actually being music producers themselves! We host public parties on our flagship “The One Percent” Fridays 9:30PM EST – 11:30PM EST, Saturdays 9:30PM EST – 11:30PM EST and Sundays from 5:00PM EST – 7:00PM EST all parties having full RP bar, Casino tables with working blackjack and large crowds! In addition to these public parties every week, we contract our party services to people and guilds interested in hosting something for their guild!

4. Veteran/Master Mode Operation Runs
Always wanted to that tough achievement that group finder never quite completes? Perhaps you want to get all the gear, decoration and crafting drops? We have you covered! We are able to take clients on runs to win those drops with highly sought-after mounts, pets and weapons negotiable.

How do you find this information?

1. Visit and register to our website all our services listed above have their own tab at the menu on our site and our 24/7 music stream is located at the top of each page.

2. Join our discord to meet other wide variety of guilds ranging from RP to PvE and PvP to learn from, socialize with and otherwise work with. (PM me for discord link)

3. Follow us on Social Media and Twitch. Twitter: @GuildServices. Facebook: @GuildServices Twitch: We share SWTOR news as well as highlight community events (could even be your guilds events!)

We look forward to seeing you in November when we all merge together!

CEO of Guild Services
Founder of <Guild Services>
Link to Website:
Our Services: Guild/Deco Selling, Parties, HM&NiM Sale Runs