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March to Madness/300

AussieAlan's Avatar

09.29.2017 , 10:42 PM | #1
That is what we need, another March to Makeb, but this time 12x XP and CXP for everything not just class missions.

Let's face facts shall we.

1. No matter how much GC is hated, if they were going to drop it they would have.

2. GC level 300 is a nightmare for us altoholics.

3. Whenever 6.0 arrives so to will level 400, and 500, do doubt 600, so why not have a month or more of massive CXP so ALL players can have a chance to get to 300, even us solo players with lots of alts.

4. Yes even solo players deserve the right to get the best gear, we pay money too, and it makes our life easier too, especially faster channels when trying to burn though heroics faster.