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Healing abuse.

prophetcrowe's Avatar

09.21.2017 , 03:29 PM | #1
Dear Devs, it becomes apparent to me no one is paid to weigh and evaluate PvP. Which striking as it may seem, would easily expose major flaws; uneven healers are this topic's. For instance: if you've played a recent Void Star you'll usually notice how there's more healers on one team than the other. Making it feel after 10 minutes that your efforts are completely in vain and an utter sense of despondency will creep into the fringes of your mind. I've spent, and want to spend oh so much money on this game; as I believe one should invest in those things they enjoy. I'll take my earnings elsewhere and see you all in another year in hopes things have changed. With that said, some of the other changes that have been made in my absence were welcomed.

Anyone attempting to deny these obviously correct remarks may do so and be laughed at by the majority. Everyone needs practice in self-humiliation.

Aeneas_Falco's Avatar

09.21.2017 , 04:30 PM | #2
Sometimes this is unavoidable as it depends on who is in the queue. In Rep vs Imp matches you're going to occasionally have trinity imbalances because one faction might just have only DPS and skank tanks in the queue while the other has two healers queuing. There is absolutely nothing Bioware can do to correct this as it is a problem caused by the players and the randomness of who queues.

Premades are another issue. If the only healers in the queue are part of a premade, you're going to end up with Rep vs Rep or Imp vs Imp matches where one side has all the healers and doesn't die, while the other gets farmed repeatedly by opposing DPS.

That being said however the matchmaking system in this game, if there is one, is clearly broken. Even when faction imbalance or premades aren't the issue you'll still occasionally get Imp vs Imp or Rep vs Rep matches where one team has two healers to their opponent's none.

aerockyul's Avatar

09.21.2017 , 05:01 PM | #3
They won't fix the queues because if they made it so there were proper trinities in the same way MM FP's queue works you would have to wait 3 minutes for the queue to pop instead of 2. Queue pop times trump all other considerations for PvP.
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