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<Legacy> [EH] Is looking for a new RP Leader

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<Legacy> [EH] Is looking for a new RP Leader

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09.20.2017 , 09:42 AM | #1
Legacy is looking for a RP Consul

Here in Legacy we developed a rich RP backstory for the guild, connecting us to the Eternal Alliance throughout the galactic conflicts of KOTFE and KOTET.

With our latest turnover of guild leadership, we have yet to find a suitable candidate to take the reigns of power in managing the RP of Legacy, and deliver our next chapter of adventures as the old conflicts between the Empire and Republic renew.

Where does the ragtag cell of freedom fighters and opportunists that made up Legacy stand? Now that the Alliance Commander has allied themselves with a faction in the battle of Iokath, where do we stand? Do we still ally with them? Will we return to the Empire and underworld haunts we used to call home? Exactly how much did Captain Xhera steal when she left us? These questions must be answered!

We have some great roleplayers in the guild. Some of them are very active in the Ebon Hawk RP community, some within smaller groups, and some prefer to write their own stories and wish to share with others. Some of us are just looking for a place to fit ourselves into, making our 'cameo' appearance as part of the ensemble of a great SWTOR story.

To make all of this happen, I need a true Gamemaster, someone who selflessly delivers a plotline, fun NPCs, villianous intent, calamity, the right amount of plot armour for our characters, and help facilitate a fun and excitiing story that we can play out in this great game world.

The successful candidate would also be a member of the Core Consulate of Legacy for this term, meaning they are 1 of 4 Guild leaders. This means the RP Consul isn't just here to build and drive the story, but also help run the guild, work closely with the other Consuls (PVE, PVP, Morale) and with the acting Imperator (GM) to make this guild the best it can.

The Morale Consul won't be acting alone. Part of your first requirements as Consul will be to interview and appoint 2-4 RP Praeters (sub-officers) who will help you drive the RP story. They will be your arms, to execute events, take recorded summaries of what is happening, and work together with you to share the amazing adventures Legacy has with the rest of the guild, the rest of the server, and even the larger SWTOR community.

If you think you have what it takes to make Legacy RP great again, please contact me directly. We will arrange an interview with myself and the current three Consuls to review your interest, grill you incessantly about your prowess as a Gamemaster, and ensure you won't get triggered by all the non-RP names we have for characters in the guild that are out of the story.

But seriously, if you have taken the time to read this entire post, you are obviously interested, and I want you to come talk to us about joining the best karking guild I've ever been part of.

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09.21.2017 , 02:49 PM | #2
I'm quite interested to be honest as an expirienced role player I hope I can assist you good friend!