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<And Justice for all> Recruitment

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<And Justice for all> Recruitment

Caeliux's Avatar

09.21.2017 , 01:12 PM | #1
<And Justice for All> is a fresh made PVP/PVE guild recruiting! We plan on being a great guild with PVP and PVE SM/HM/NiM Progression. Empire <Kill em All> guild for alts as well Progression. Discord, Full Stronghold and Website is up!


Whisper Caeliux ingame for more details!
Caeliux/Xuileak = Kinetic/Seer/Defense/Combat/Medic/Shield Specialist/Sawbones/Saboteur
Kaeliux/Xuileac = Bodyguard/Shield Tech/Medicine/Engineer/Darkness/Corruption/Immortal/Carnage