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Iokath Colossus Droid

LasagnaSurfer's Avatar

09.11.2017 , 04:27 PM | #21
But I did it with one other person, both of us with rockets, one heal comp and one dps comp and it was pretty easy.
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KhaoTicTycoon's Avatar

09.20.2017 , 04:35 AM | #22
The Iokath Colossus Droid is not a world boss; it's simply a Champ mob with a LOT of HP that you have to kill for 1 of the dailies. Truth be told I generally just skip this one altogether. As a Tank though, I have killed it with only 1 other person and 2 healing companions (we were both full 242, your mileage may vary); nothing else, so it's definitely Duo-able.

The Iokath daily area is not like the classic daily area's (Blackhole / Section X / CZ-198 / etc). it can really only be done every other day due to the rotating quests that you can pick up. Personally, what I have found works best is if you just pick up whatever dailies that you can after a reset and leave them in your log until the next day then return to the mission board and you should have another few quests to pick up. Then you just pick whatever 5 you want to do. Rinse and repeat.