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Returning Player looking for a good RP group/guild

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Returning Player looking for a good RP group/guild

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09.14.2017 , 09:15 AM | #1
Hello all, as the title suggest I am trying to get back into the game. Its been some time since I was invested in it like I used to be and I try to keep my character up to date with in game story. With that being said I would like to find a group of people who can bring me back to being as active as I used to be back when Jung Ma was a very popular server. I PvP and PvE but my main attraction to this game was RP. My main character is a Sith Warrior although I do have republic characters as well (I think).

If I had to choose a particular type of RP I would say it would be combat based. No I don't mean type out your actions and role a number. This is an online PvP game so I mean actual duels and battles to the death against both the Empire and the Republics well (as a good storyline to keep things interesting).

I would also like a group of people to run endgame content with. I haven't done any raids since the fall of the Dread Masters and would like to see what the new raids are about. Like I said, I want to be able to commit time to playing this game like I used to. So if anyone is willing to have me I'll be forever grateful. I also have Discord and TeamSpeak already downloaded.
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09.18.2017 , 08:44 PM | #2
Feel free to check our out imperial faction guild! (We are neutral in both sides)

Our RPs have mostly been limited to RP-PvE and forum story/RPs However consistent RPs are an inevitable pursuit of the RP department as we continue to grow as the department head for that department I do have a bit of a bias...but then again who doesn't have a bias in the SW universe?? ^_^

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