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The Singularity, AI and the Droids of SW

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The Singularity, AI and the Droids of SW

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09.18.2017 , 05:38 PM | #1
Within the SW universe you do have the example of advanced intelligent droid beings (i.e. Scorpio, Monitor from Directive 7 flashpoint, and one of the Datacrons (# 43 from Alderaan) mentions the Great Droid Revolution - which was put down by the Jedi.
My question is how is it that of the peoples of the SWars galaxy, none have really achieved a transhuman state which many scientists as well as Science fiction writers have either dealt with (in both positive and negative ways - i.e. Bill Gates, Data and the Borg from Star Trek, Asimov, etc.).
Is it because it somehow cannot compete with Force-wielders? Or something different?
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