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changing advanced class

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changing advanced class

deadlyshooer's Avatar

09.17.2017 , 12:03 AM | #1
They should give you an option in the cartel market that gives you the option to change your advanced class I made a mistake in making a lvl 33 powertech instead of a merc would be nice to have an option like that, they would infact make a lot of money from this
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KendraP's Avatar

09.17.2017 , 11:53 AM | #2
While I wouldn't mind them adding this option as a CM item, honestly these days I'm levelled in the 20s just getting off coruscant/DK.

Toraak's Avatar

09.17.2017 , 12:39 PM | #3
changing AC's shouldn't be allowed. each AC is it's own class. You should NEVER be allowed to change a class after creation. Also it's so easy to level now, if you want to change what your playing making another character and getting it to max level takes about 2-3 days anyway. No need for AC switching.
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SteveTheCynic's Avatar

09.18.2017 , 03:08 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by deadlyshooer View Post
They should give you an option in the cartel market that gives you the option to change your advanced class I made a mistake in making a lvl 33 powertech instead of a merc would be nice to have an option like that, they would infact make a lot of money from this
There's no such thing as an advanced class any more. There are just classes. (The old thing called a class is now just a story name, in effect.)

On the other hand, to those who say "shouldn't be able to change class": *why* should it be locked *forever*?

Some MMORPGs have CM-type objects to change your class, and almost always far more fundamentally than "PT<=>Merc" and the like. I would say that going beyond PT<=>Merc is probably a really bad idea for SWTOR, but there *is* a precedent for class-change.

Some MMORPGs have a "partial" class change mechanic. I'm thinking of secondary classes ("professions") in GW1. The concept doesn't apply in SWTOR.

Some have no classes at all, notably the original Secret World. Again, that''s interesting, but not really relevant in a discussion of SWTOR.

Some have in-game mechanics to change class:
* in Runes of Magic, you have three classes, and you can (and, indeed, should) switch freely (OK, you have to visit your house) which is primary, which is secondary, and which is idle. There's also a cash shop item to drop a class so you can pick another.
* in FFXIV you can switch classes any time merely by equipping a different type of weapon.

For SWTOR, then I would say that changing your class completely (e.g. Mercenary to Jedi Guardian) probably isn't going to work, especially not across factions. (A post-KotFE-I character, maybe, since all per-class content is locked out, but...) That said, a change that would, in the old days, have been an advanced class change (PT<=>Merc, for example) would be reasonable in terms of seen-from-the-outside impact on the character. That is, there's no change of story and no change of sex, both of which are self-evidently problematic, given SWTOR's storytelling structure.

But I think it's way too late to add this. If it had been in the game from the beginning, a bunch of things would have been different, notably the dialogues when you arrived on the Fleet and were allowed to change from the base class to an advanced class. Yes, back in the day, it could not be done before you arrived on the Fleet for the first time because you had to take a mission from NPC X on the Fleet to talk to NPC Y also on the Fleet to choose your advanced training program (advanced class). Those NPCs were also on the capital world, of course. And they were very clear that you were not allowed to change advanced training program. If AC change had been a thing, they wouldn't have said that.

But that's ancient history (the mission was neutered in 4.0 so that you just talked to everyone, since you picked your AC as soon as you reached level 10 without having to see any NPCs, and eliminated entirely along with the NPCs in 5.0), so the question should now be taken in isolation. Is it reasonable to want to do this? Yes, in the current structure of the game. Is it *necessarily* problem-free? I have no idea, but it might not be. The obvious issues revolve around gear, like what happens to that off-hand or main-hand that you can't use any more, and what happens to that rare piece of fixed-weight heavy armour if you change Jugg=>Mara or Guardian=>Senti... (It's not impossible to solve: Allods Online's class process remaps your gear to equivalents suitable for the new class, while a class-change-on-weapon-swap in FFXIV just unequips incompatible gear. For SWTOR I'd suggest that "unequips" is probably the best policy.)

TLDR: it would be nice if they did it, and I'd use it for one or two characters, but if they don't, shrug, whatever. That said, I don't think they will, and I think there are other things they should concentrate their efforts on before looking at this.
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