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Raise valor req. For ranked!!!

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Raise valor req. For ranked!!!

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09.06.2017 , 08:30 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Liquor View Post
valor means nothing.

its not a fix

bads are bad, everyday, every toon
Blame Bioware for driving 99% of the competitive pvpers from the game. Plus making it easier to gear in Ranked than in regs. Then adding no gate to entering Ranked and you have a trifecta of reasons that come together to make the issue 100x worse than it needs to be.

While upping Valor isn't a fix by itself, it could be added to a few other things to add a gate to Ranked,
* up Valor to above lvl 70
* make it slightly easier or exactly the same to gear in regs
* most importantly, address all or at least some of the reasons pvpers have left the game to hopefully lure some back to the game (there aheaps of reasons, so this would be a big task)
* add a gear gate requirement to Ranked

Personally I think Ranked is well and truely dead isn't this game. Bioware have been systematically destroying it since they remove 8s. This year has put the nail in the coffin as far as quality goes.
If I was Bioware, I would just remove the idea of Ranked and rename it arena queues. Then I would add the rewards to both 8s and 4s. The rewards would be handled with a type of currency.
People could then have three options to queue.
1. Queue 4s
2. Queue 8s
3. Combined queue that pops you into the first available match.

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09.14.2017 , 11:42 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by VaceDemon View Post
25 is way too low. Too many trolls, hackers, throwers, win traders, etc. and a 10 min deserter debuff pls. Valor should be 60-70. 25 is just a joke.
OK, I'm going to change my opinion on this. What they really need, like some of you suggested, is an item level req. Ranked on Harb has become such a damn joke. Too many 3vs 4 due to leavers, kids meaning to que regs but hit the ranked button instead because it's too close together, People doing ranked just for the weekly as fresh 70s. This one sorc last night had green 228s with 114k hp. of course he had no clue and got globalled every time. This wont stop the trolls but it will stop the kids queing by accident with no gear.

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