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Profitability of static main and off-hands T4

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Profitability of static main and off-hands T4

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09.12.2017 , 04:12 AM | #11
As someone who recently returned and able to craft the majority of the new stuff I can say this:

Weapons/offhands are reasonably viable as the climb to 246-248 takes a lot of investment and the performance gain is enough to make one consider the expenditure

After maxing out main I found I really didn't feel the motivation to repeat that process with alts - the decreased incentive to play alts means far far fewer characters to become potential customers.

Given the state of harby, I would bet that you'd spend much more time sitting on old inventory than replacing sold ones.
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09.12.2017 , 06:43 PM | #12
I think it has a role, at least for me, for mirror classes that don't share the MH/OH. For example, Mercs and Commandos. I think there is a role for crafting 246 assault cannons, tanking rifles, shotguns, tech generators, vibroknives. I think left side stuff also falls into that category.

Anything that could potentially be transferred via legacy MH/OH, though, I just tend to wait until I get upgrades via GC. Fortunately that tends to be limited to lightsabers and foci.

I think a lot of people still feel Gemini Mk-4 Relic of Shield Amplification is BiS since it offers Endurance and mitigation, whereas the token relic is Mastery and mitigation, so when I have extras of those they sell well. I also personally go the crafted route for clicky relics since they are not my go-to relics for most content, and I can afford to disintegrate anything less than 248 there. Same with DV relics ... I don't know that the math is clear cut that DV always wins out at high item rating levels over the traditional SA/FR combo, based on concerns about diminishing returns. Furthermore, most of my use of DV is for level-synced content where it clearly has an advantage over SA/FR.

I'm still in the mode of gearing alts though, so I haven't tried to make a lot of stuff for sale.
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09.13.2017 , 03:10 AM | #13
I've sold eternal commander mk 4 lightsabers for a decent wedge and within hours too.

In fact you can sell most static stuff if you price it just right. There's maybe quite a few players who don't want to farm mats and have the credits just to pick one up for whatever they want it for. They could even just not have any luck with RNG crates.

In fact I sell more statics than bronze moddable ones. Any tier statics in fact.
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