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SW:TOR Fan Fiction Index by Author and Class

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SW:TOR Fan Fiction Index by Author and Class

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11.05.2016 , 04:38 PM | #41

Owner of the Luck Encounters Cantina in a city on a planet somewhere in the Mid Rim meets various highly important galactic individuals who come to relax at Lucky against a backdrop of intense galactic turmoil. Regardless of who you are - a senator, a Sith, a Jedi, a war hero or the scourge of the underworld - he’ll always serve you and listen to your troubles. Come and pop in anytime you want a drink, and maybe you’ll have an encounter of your own, lucky or otherwise.
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11.11.2016 , 11:52 AM | #42
Title: Fate of the Empire
• Link:
• Author: Redsaynsixtysix
• Class: Jedi Consular (secondary)
• Blurb: Darth Malgus and Darth Marr are dead. The Empire is on the brink of collapse. The protectors of the Empire and Republic alike are distracted. Revan's plans are coming to fruition. Vitiate's power is about to be revealed. Will the galaxy be able to survive?

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11.18.2016 , 02:26 PM | #43
This story is complete.

Talree Onegen, or Tal for short, has become disillusioned with the Republic and leaves Havoc Squad to forge her own destiny. The aging freighter she buys yields secrets she never imagined and sets her on a course she never anticipated. Story includes companions from other classes, some stay, some don't and some just pass through. Some secrets are best kept hidden as Tal and her crew soon discover.

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12.05.2016 , 10:26 PM | #44

Donning both her master's mask and her identity, Lord Lethe navigates the treacherous landscape that is Sith politics within the Empire in order to reform it. But can she achieve her goals with all the machinations working against her? Sequel to The False Sith.
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The False Sith
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01.20.2017 , 12:18 AM | #45
This Story is Complete

A Star Noir story where femme fatale Coreena Del'Moor walks into the office of private detective Markus Deklinn with an offer he can't refuse. He finds out that refusal might have been the wisest choice but nobody ever accused him of being wise where a beautiful dame is concerned. One answered mystery leads to another and then another and before he knows it, he is in much deeper than he ever intended to be, in more ways than one.

vadess's Avatar

01.20.2017 , 08:42 PM | #46
  • Title: To Cipher the SiS
  • Link:
  • Author: vadess
  • Class: Imperial Agent- Sniper
  • Synopsis: Crimsèn Hevilas and Theron Shan are spies. Crimsèn Spies for the Sith Empire in Sith Intelligence, and Theron Shan works for the SIS and the Galactic Republic. Officially, they are enemies,. They're supposed to be enemies, and exist to out-conspire the other. Then Revan, and his Revanites, came and turned sworn enemies into unlikely allies... and potential lovers. Unfortunately the threat ended before they could permit anything to blossom beyond a flirt, or chaste kiss. This is their story that emerges out of the jungles of Yavin, and the dust of Ziost.

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09.07.2017 , 08:03 PM | #47
Correction for Luminous!

Example: here's one of my story threads

Title: Luminous
Author: Charmedseed
Characters: Aitahea Daviin, OC Jedi Consular; Erithon Zale, OC Trooper; Isme, OC Sith Inquisitor; others.
Setting: Shortly after the end of Chapter 3 in game.
Spoilers: Vague spoilers for Chapters 1-3, Belsavis, Tatooine, Hoth.

Lunafox's Avatar

09.07.2017 , 09:30 PM | #48
Both of these are when you get a chance to include them in the index, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Title: Marr
Author: Lunafox
Class: Not specific to any one class, but has npc characters from the Agent, SW, Smuggler stories.

What it's about: The story is about the life and death of Darth Marr and how his actions in life, followed him beyond death.

Also, if you could include Spy Vs. Spy, I'd appreciate it, I posted about it before, but somehow it was overlooked and not included in the index. Here is the info for it below:

06.04.2016 , 01:05 PM | #35

Title: Spy Vs. Spy
Author: Lunafox
Class: Predominantly Imperial Agent, SIS, some SW companions

Teaser: SIS Agent Theron Shan is abducted by a mysterious Imperial Agent known as One. Finding Theron's apartment in shambles and his friend missing, Agent Jonas Balkar, with the help of Lana Beniko, take on the mission to locate Theron. When their search turns up little, they enlist the assistance of the man known as Keeper, once the Minister of Imperial Intelligence, and the Imperial ghost agent, known as Nine.

A sequel to The Foundation to All Desire.

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09.08.2017 , 05:03 PM | #49
This Index should be up to date now......apologies that it took so long.

@Luna: GAH!!! I must've missed that story somehow during a previous update. I feel really bad about that and apologize profusely.

Lunafox's Avatar

09.08.2017 , 05:09 PM | #50
Quote: Originally Posted by alaurin View Post
This Index should be up to date now......apologies that it took so long.

@Luna: GAH!!! I must've missed that story somehow during a previous update. I feel really bad about that and apologize profusely.
It's ok, no worries I know you're busy. Thanks for doing this for me, I appreciate it muchly. ^^