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Stupidly Good versus Stupid Evil (Spoilers ahead)

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Stupidly Good versus Stupid Evil (Spoilers ahead)

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08.21.2017 , 01:48 AM | #11
I know I've said this before in similar threads but when it comes to the sort of "dual alignment" thing that Bioware's a softy for like Open Palm/Closed Fist in Jade Empire, or Paragon/Renegade in Mass Effect, they do tend to fumble on the implementation.

In Jade Empire, Open Palm was described as being kind, generous and helpful while Closed Fist was more about guiding people to help themselves even if meant being harsh. The actuality was Open Palm in being helpful and co-operative so you can get things done while Closed Fist was more "I'm currently in my internship towards becoming an Evil Overlord".

Same with Mass Effect. Paragon was pitched as the helpful compassionate while Renegade was described more as a 70s era action hero who's that wild card maverick who gets things done. The actuality was Renegade's all about being a sociopathic **** for no reason and Paragon's anything that's not Renegade.

I have done a total DS take no LS options playthrough twice because I play on two servers and I still insist that those were the most grueling playthroughs I've ever done in a game to the point they took the longest to get through things because some of the choices were so awful I had to take a break from the game.. Both were Jedi, one a Knight and the other a Consular. I had both at full DS 5 by the end of their vanilla story arcs.

I will admit it was hysterical watching the Olympic level mental gymnastics the Jedi Council took to justify the horrible things my Jedi did. I wish I could've screenshotted the cutscene bits where they're cautioning them about the Dark Side when my Jedi are full on pasty veiny glowing red eyes.

My Knight was more brutally Sith than any of my Sith and my Consular came across so much like a cult fanatic I expected if the Council asked her to drink the poisoned Flavor-Aid, she'd do so eagerly while still spouting Jedi dogma. A lot of the choices I remember really did seem more suited to a cartoonishly evil Dark Sided Imperial and only lacked the traditional Evil Villian longwinded monologue to finish the stereotype. If the choices had wider impact, no one in thier right mind would even want to be around someone Dark Sided much less work with them.

Light Side does seem to fare a bit better in that while some choices are brain breakingly naive, most are basic common sense choices for getting goals accomplished.
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08.31.2017 , 05:06 PM | #12
I hate being a LS Jedi or a DS Sith for exactly this reason. I tend toward a more middle of the road Jedi, but I really like a LS Sith. They seem to make more normal choices, as opposed to the paragon of good (aka boring as hell) Jedi or the drooling, puppy-killing psycho Sith.
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09.04.2017 , 11:32 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Myrmicus View Post
There's one moral choice that is interesting, because from the Republic and the Empire point of view are totally opposite : when you find some republic soldiers who are about to turn into rakgouls (or die horribly from a disease, I think it's on Belsavis). The Lightside choice for the Republic is to let them live, where the Light Side choice for the Empire is to mercy kill them. Now that's interesting, because it clearly shows us a moral difference between the factions.
That's from Kaon Under Siege; the Tionese officer Major Byzal is infected and the choice both factions have is as you describe.
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09.05.2017 , 05:34 PM | #14
Plus the reasoning behind some of the choices your character makes aren't necessarily in keeping with said characters alignment.

For instance, I'll take the example 2 choices my Chiss DarkSIde 5 Imp agent made during the vanilla story.
1. She chose to have the Chiss officer on Hoth receive promotion rather than the Human (Light side choice). However, she did so for purely bigoted reasons. (chiss > human) (Planetary Hoth Mission)
2. On Voss, she chose to do the complete Marriage ceremony with the Voss gentleman during the agent Voss mission on that planet (dark side choice). However, if she had had the option, it wouldn't have ended. She would still have him as a spouse if the story allowed it (rather than Vector. I mean, Vector is a great companion, but... he's still a Joiner. And I don't like bugs...

Some of the choices the Empire character choices are confronted with are labeled Dark Side/Light side when they really are ambiguous at best.
I.e. Kill or imprison the General on the Black Talon. You kill him, it's dark side. You imprison him, he gets to be tortured by either the Sith or Imperial Intelligence. I suppose they reason "while there is life, there is hope" - ok, but there is a quality of life too. Another one is you kill, or save/imprison someone and you even have a conversation choice to "give them to Darth Baras to torture".
Likewise there are choices on Ord Mantell such as give the medicine to the refugee (light side) or to the soldiers (dark side). As a trooper, it is a very hard decision.
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