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First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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09.01.2017 , 03:43 PM | #2021
Quote: Originally Posted by Pietrastor View Post
You seem completly incapable of understanding the basic fact that there's an entire middle/gray area or range when discussing any topic possible. That includes Slot Machine too, being opposed to an over-the-top nerf that makes the machine useless and benefits only you and other Cartel whales (for a time that is) doesn't automatically equal wanting the CSM to remain un-nerfed at all or thinking that the original drop ratios were perfectly fine and shouldn't be touched at all.
Firstly are you implying I asked for the CSM to be nerfed as much as it was? If so I challenge you to find ONE quote where I asked for the CSM to be nerfed as much as it was.

If not, and all I was arguing was that it needed to be nerfed, and you now almost implying you too thought it was over powered you are effectively agreeing with the stance I took i.e. it was over powered.

So no matter how much you squirm your argument and finger pointing here has utterly fallen flat ... GG.

But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it fits your discussion style too, you only seem to understand the extremes and black & white perception. Going into any topic possible, fishing for arguments and throwing personal jabs any chance you get is your style after all, no discussion exists for you that's in the middle-zone. The only one who embarasses themselves daily on the forums is you and your posts
So nothing of substance? No counter arguments? Nothing to actually defend yourself from looking foolish as per my previous post (or this one)? Nope ... seems not.

Come back when you have something of more substance than "I know you are, you said you are so what am I?"

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09.01.2017 , 03:46 PM | #2022
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSpuds View Post
I think the very reason people play these types of games is to step away from reality for a little while.

As I said earlier IF Bioware knew it had employes suffering extra/excess stress because of H-Harvey then EXTRA testing should have been done just to make double sure all the i's were dotted and the t's were crossed.

All The Best
Perhaps indeed it should have but fact is it was not, stress does strange things to people.
In any case one would hope they learn from their lessons to avoid it again in the future but tha'ts providing they can get past the lynch mob of niche players that have suddenly found a voice on the forums (yet are nowhere to be seen when it's constructive feedback that is requested).

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09.01.2017 , 03:49 PM | #2023
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSpuds View Post
Just for the record "apologising" for something only means anything if you then commit not to do it again.

Under Keith's stewardship we've already had several server issues and "unexpected down times" that he apologised for.

And yesterday we had YET ANOTHER unexpected downtime, for which we got what is in effect an empty, meaningless apology; because Bioware have clearly made no effort whatsoever to improve things.

All The Best
You should like actually take a stance with all these negative posts you make day in and day out ... you know like unsubscribing.
Maybe you've already done this but otherwise your general tone just comes across as being negative for the sake of being negative as opposed to actually want to effect any change or supporting some set of morals you might have that you feel this games management is imposing on (that's the impression you give to me at least though I honestly think at this stage the troll comment mentioned by others in the past is much closer to the truth).

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09.01.2017 , 04:04 PM | #2024
Quote: Originally Posted by MeNaCe-NZ View Post
You should like actually take a stance with all these negative posts you make day in and day out ... you know like unsubscribing. .
Read my sig, sub expires soon.

All The Best
Sub Expires@ 24/05/2018
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09.01.2017 , 04:22 PM | #2025
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSpuds View Post
Read my sig, sub expires soon.

All The Best
Ah well, as you say - all the best.

See when you get back, hopefully with a more positive attitude.

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09.01.2017 , 11:02 PM | #2026
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
Some of you have asked to have our Double XP/CXP event extended and others have asked us to keep the current CXP amounts for the Daily Areas.

We’ll lock down what exactly we’re doing and let you know in the coming days.

Do you or the others have a rough ETA on when you will possibly reach a decision? :P
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09.01.2017 , 11:03 PM | #2027
Quote: Originally Posted by ThEeLcOnDoR View Post
Do you or the others have a rough ETA on when you will possibly reach a decision? :P
We'll probably not over the weekend.
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09.02.2017 , 02:19 AM | #2028
"keep the current CXP amounts for the Daily Areas." This.
The cartel coins would be nice but would be easily wasted. Getting to tier 3 on alts would be better than a few coins for RNG items. Also please make all the other planets included on this "crazy CXP bug!"

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09.02.2017 , 02:29 AM | #2029
Quote: Originally Posted by Costello View Post
Instead of claiming others are wrong why don't you post something positive about the game or the experience with some fact behind it without claiming anyone else is wrong or irrelevant. Where things have gone well, what you hope to see replicated or how enjoyable end game is now with the class balances.
That's a fair point you made. I spent a good couple of hours actualy committing time to the game rather than just doing a quick hour etc. I enjoyed doing the Dragon's maw chapter on an alt. I enjoyed doing a few planet's dailies, (the crazy xp helps. I enjoyed seeing other's doing those dailies too. It was busy on the planets. The game is still lots of fun.

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09.02.2017 , 05:04 AM | #2030
In my opinion 'losing' 50 cents for not being able to play for one day, doesn't give me the right to demand anything. I just hope that BW will look at their quality control seriously and do everything they can to prevent **** like this happening in the future.