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At this point we should stop making super weapons.

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At this point we should stop making super weapons.

dxlolman's Avatar

05.31.2017 , 04:25 AM | #1

When will anyone learn that making a super weapon will mean losing it afterwards…
When a super weapon blows up they say "Impossible!!!" When it's the second time, and not the last time it will happen (talking about battlefront 2s trailer content)…
Can we please have a story without a super weapon but bit more apocalyptic like Ziost.

What I want to see is 2 force Gods clashing in space with darkness and light used as weapons.
What do you guys think?
Did I miss any super weapons in the first spoiler?
Leave a reply.
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Joluka's Avatar

06.07.2017 , 01:31 AM | #2
Yeah, super weapon stories are pretty boring.
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t-darko's Avatar

06.07.2017 , 02:18 PM | #3
The Force is Night and Day, the Whisper and the Shout, Hope and Despair. In All things is the Struggle for Balance. The Force surrounds us, Binds the Galaxy Together. The Force is Life and Remains in Death. The Force is All in the Nothingness and I am One with the Force.

Why reduce it all to 2 Force Gods . . . ?

BradTheImpaler's Avatar

06.07.2017 , 03:50 PM | #4
There's also the Mass Shadow Generator used at the end of the Mandalorian Wars.

I don't have a problem with superweapons playing some role (that Battlefront 2 trailer was awesome and the premise of "Well...the weapon's destroyed. Now what?" is neat). It makes sense that they'd come up repeatedly in thousands of years worth of spacefaring warfare.

Please, please, anything but "Force Gods."
Now that I think of it, "the Mother" was conspicuously absent from the Mortis arc, wasn't she?
If Disney retcons the old EU only to bring back Abeloth, I'm gonna start a Gofundme to build a Death Star specifically designed to aim at their HQ.
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casirabit's Avatar

06.07.2017 , 04:12 PM | #5
Why would it be any different with Star Wars than it is in real life?
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Zolxtren's Avatar

06.09.2017 , 01:08 PM | #6
And you get a super weapon , and you get a super weapon ,
AND YOU get a super weapon .

inb4 my grandma flies in in her Death Star powered wheelchair........

Johrun's Avatar

08.31.2017 , 04:36 PM | #7
Well, a super-weapon creates a sense of urgency (extinction threat) and quickly unites conflicted diverse folks against a common enemy. Also, it shows a differential in power and lays ground for heroism.

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SammuelColdheart's Avatar

09.01.2017 , 03:54 AM | #8
Actually I like the idea of two major sides collide. It would be epic. Their battle shaking and shaping the whole galaxy and with each hit something happens throughout the universe...Weather will be bad or good, depends who delivered the major hit... xD
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Mindelmatrix's Avatar

09.01.2017 , 08:16 AM | #9
I think by this point, the conventional, planet-destroyer super weapon plot item has been spent. Would not mind seeing them try something else.
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Spetulhu's Avatar

09.01.2017 , 01:10 PM | #10
Ofc, another thing to consider is also that many of these superweapons seem to have glaring weaknesses. Enemies can "easily" get close enough to some sensitive component to take out the weapon and the entire ship/station/planet it's mounted on. The things are slow or even stationary, and no one seems to have thought about defending them properly.

Short of nukes the best superweapon we have today is an aircraft carrier. It's fast, it carries a lot of aircraft and it can absolutely knock out anything in range of the planes launched from it. But it's not alone. It will have an escort. One or two missile cruisers to discourage enemy surface navy, several destroyers to keep aircraft, missiles and/or submarines away, submarine-detection helicopters, all the works to make sure no one gets too close. And speed as mentioned. Once the carrier starts attacking something it will not lie still waiting for it's own aircraft and any enemy missiles to come back, it will move at 35 knots or more to a new position. An enemy calculating the carrier's position from the course of attacking planes will get a lock on where it was half an hour or more ago.

Star Wars superweapons (and indeed fleets) seem to lack any such safeguards. Like so many other popular future-fantasy franchises the battles are more age of sail than anything else, probably because it makes for more exciting battle footage and character tension if you actually see the enemy you're fighting. Mooks or heroes getting blown up by a Predator drone, aerial bombardment, artillery or whatever where you don't even see the opponent isn't exactly exciting for the audience.