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The Bastion Status as a Server

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The Bastion Status as a Server

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07.10.2017 , 02:19 PM | #31
I can certainly verify that as of late, the Bastion has definitely increased in activity in the multiplayer activities. For quite some time, nothing was really happening... So much nicer now that the actual MMO content can be enjoyed!

I am sure if everyone pitches in, we can improve it further.
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07.10.2017 , 02:23 PM | #32
I just hoped on and there was 7 players Empire and 4 Pubs on fleet.. so say 20 , 30 more scattered at Different levels,,, the server is dead

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07.10.2017 , 02:32 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by BilaDAD View Post
I just hoped on and there was 7 players Empire and 4 Pubs on fleet.. so say 20 , 30 more scattered at Different levels,,, the server is dead
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07.10.2017 , 03:58 PM | #34
Reposting since this immediately got relegated to the previous page...

Status of the Bastion - July 10, 2017

My son and I took a 3 month break returning to the game early May. We returned to a ghost town. We also returned to the news that a well known player we had done PUG OPs with many times had passed away in April - his guild basically abandoned.
  • No other guilds running operations was maintaining the GOPs channel.
  • Warzones weren't popping beyond 4 v 4.
  • Pickup Group SM OPs were not being advertised, formed or run.
  • No pops at all were occurring for Galactic Starfighter.
  • People were reporting waits of up to 4 hours for an FP queue pop.
  • The frequency of people having apparently "fallen asleep" when an FP queue did pop was very high.
  • My own guild Insane Force was down to 30 active accounts.
  • One particular guild was declaring that they had the only members doing OPs, and that you had to be with them if YOU wanted to do operations.

Since returning I've been religiously carrying out the following:
  • Reminding veteran players that they should be in GOPs.
  • Reminding veteran players that THEY should be putting new players interested in group content into GOPs.
  • Advertising to new players of the availability of server-wide chat for group content efforts - GOPs.
  • Advertising in Fleet Chat and GOPs and forming PUG SM OPs for which all are welcome to join
  • Have run about 10-11 PUG SM OPs open to everyone - including a 16 man EV SM - on our July 3, 2017 OPs Marathon Day.
  • Have done 3 PUG World Boss runs open to everyone - 3-4 bosses each.
  • Advertising my guild and increasing membership.
  • Popping the FP queue upwards of 30-40 times per day the past two weeks as a result of my guild activity. (Thanks guys!)
  • Popping at least 3 8 v 8 Reg Warzones for 2 other guilds via my own guild activity (Thanks guys!).
  • Popping at least 2 Galactic Starfighter matches via my guild activity (Thanks guys!)

I've received a ton of criticism from other guilds, and trolls on fleet of territorial or vitriolic nature.. But I'm proud to say that my efforts, and the efforts of all those who have joined Insane Force AND the efforts of a few from other guilds has resulted in a rather nice pickup in group content activity @ The Bastion on the Empire side.

So everyone else out there on a "SWTOR" vacation...hop on in. Stuff is happening @ The Bastion!


GM - Insane Force

Kogarvandalin's Avatar

07.31.2017 , 05:52 PM | #35
I have recently came back and joined Insane Force. I have done OPS and constantly find vet FP groups both through guild chat and group finder.

PvP I tried once for 5 hours and didn't get a queue pop.

There is always people willing to do stuff and I am having a good time with 12-25 people on in the guild on a regular basis.

Froots's Avatar

08.31.2017 , 08:20 AM | #36
People can't muster up a few bucks to pay for a server transfer? I mean its some bs you have to pay but... if you can't afford an extra $10... get off the game, your life has other priorities.

BilaDAD's Avatar

08.31.2017 , 06:00 PM | #37
The thread is about the server being dead... is dead or do you see with lot of people to do anything. to transfer is cheap... but dont try and move your guild will not happen... i have 700 mill or more in that guild with ship and outfitting