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Darth Vader VS The Wrath

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08.25.2017 , 10:56 PM | #1
Normaly I do not like VS threads, they have a tendency to get way of topic especially efter the 100th comment or so but since I have been looking high and low for a thread that feuteres these to schmucks and have not found one its only fair that I start one myself.

One the one hand we have the Great Lord Vader the very model of silent threating ****** big bad boss. Described by Dooku as the finest Djem So stylist of his era (or if you want to be picky, as fine a one Djem So stylist as he had ever seen) and when he lost most of his body parts that had anything to do with anything he designed his own lightsaber style that combined elements of al the fighting forms into one.
His TK abilites is top notch, being able to crush a walker with it (was it an AT or ST?) a remarkable feat indeed, and of course being able to force choke several of his officers on many occasions when they were in a comlpetely differnt part of the galaxy.
His strengths is overwhelming power combined with experience and scary presicion, using the weight an strenght of his cybernetics to overpower his opponents. Making him able to fight multible Jedi at the same time while they are using a variety of styles.
His weakness is first and foremost his arrogance. He underestimate his opponents on multiple occasions almost costing him the fight against Starkiller and Luke despite knowing who trained them and knowing of their strenght in the force. Another weakness of his is also his strenght the cybernetics. They grant him enormous strenght but the force is more potent. In the RoTS novel we see Kenobi going up against Grevous in a arms-wrestle match and actually bending his mechanical arms so a strong force-user could actually beat Vaders cyber strenght.

And then we have the Wrath a naturally gifted powerhouse in his own right. He was the most gifted Sith warrior of his generation hands down. MAster of lightsaber combat being able to defeat a number of the Republics and the Empires most powerfull champions, Dark council members an Jedi masters fell before his blade alike. While still a mere apprentice he charged the Republic compund on Balmorra guarded by 1000 of the Republics best trained troops and on his masters orders killed everyone there.
And the then we also got the fact that he together with Darth Nox/Imperius/Occulus killed Revan te first time ( I can not really understand what the BH and IA would do during the battle in a fight that intense the duelist would be to close to one another and moving to fast for blaster to be effective).
His strenght is his overwhelming skill in lightsaber combat. It is never stated with form he uses but shall we be generous and say that he knows all the five forms availible to the class? As a mere apprentice he could take on masters of both orders and kill small armies single-handedly.
His second skill is his TK which is highly advanced. As an apprentice he could kill acolytes and the beast of Korriban alike with his devestatin blasts. Later on Correlia he killed two Jedi masters with his devasting lightsaber throw before they could react (and keep in mind that he warned them first making that feat even mor impressive).
The third strength of his is there but a lot less shown, his tactical ability. On Taris he proved that he could plan a battle against a much greater force on a superior position and come out on top so that is worth mentioning.

The weaknesses of this guy is a little hard to pinpoint, (maybe its just me being partial the SW is hands down my favourite class) not once do we see him complain about a hard mission or backdown from a challenge. And he does not have any kind of PTSD against sand which gets in everywhere. His weaknesses is the area where I need help fiding them because I honestly can not see them.

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08.28.2017 , 10:55 AM | #2
And once again my atempt to start a good conversation results in complete failure. Am I reallt that bad at making threads/chosing subjects? Or am I just a very bad at puting them down in a good way? Any kind of feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.

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08.28.2017 , 01:39 PM | #3
I guess most forum users either don't have an idea or think their idea would lead to lots of pointless flaming. Ergo not worth getting into. And many see Vader as pretty much the ultimate Sith Juggernaut so sayng anything to the contrary is useless.

Personally I do think my Wrath (Sith female Marauder) would have a chance against Vader, but he'd for sure be one of the toughest enemies she's ever faced. He's skilled enough to keep up a defense for a long time, even against her incredibly fast attacks, and strong enough that any counter-attack is potentially lethal. Not someone she'd want to fight without a good reason.

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08.28.2017 , 04:12 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by kepeskvaeri View Post
And once again my atempt to start a good conversation results in complete failure. Am I reallt that bad at making threads/chosing subjects? Or am I just a very bad at puting them down in a good way? Any kind of feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.
I think people are just sick of talking Vader TBH. It's been what? 40 years now.

Going from my own topic further down it's also likely a case of "we talked about this 5 years ago already and have no desire to speak of it again".

That and people are busy griping about the recent additions to the game anyway.

Regarding this topic I couldn't really come up with anything worthwhile to add myself.
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08.28.2017 , 04:31 PM | #5
I'd like to see this myself however I think this is a subject that could get very Loud quickly. I'm a purest so I know who I think would come out still standing. It could still catch on if not yet.