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Question about Nok Drayen

Temprienne's Avatar

08.26.2017 , 07:51 PM | #1
So I recently played through my smuggler as well as my imperial agent and I'm curious about the Nok Drayen appearances.

In the smuggler storyline, Nok Drayen is
at the end of the 1st act during which he
and then at the end of it

Then in act 3 of the agent storyline, you see Nok Drayen
that the Agent procures for Imperial Intelligence after Belsavis. And at the end of the class story Nok Drayen

So what gives? Did he not
at the end of the Smuggler's Act i?

Diviciacus's Avatar

08.26.2017 , 08:04 PM | #2
From what I remember of the IA story, that's an old recording (at least a decade, as established by the Smuggler story).

The real question you have to ask yourself is... did you SEE Nok Drayen on that station? Or did you imagine it because he was in the holorecording?

Taking a still from Wookieepedia of the IA finale, you can see here That Nok isn't there. The few non-alien/droid/female NPCs that are there look nothing like Nok Drayen. Of the physically present male NPCs, one is fat, one is Hunter, and two are wearing diplomatic robes. Of the ones on the holocom, two are again wearing long robes/cloaks and the other is plainly in Imperial Military dress.

No one there matches Nok Drayen. I think you imagined him being there.
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