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I would love to see level brackets return for tactical flashpoints

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I would love to see level brackets return for tactical flashpoints

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08.26.2017 , 11:18 AM | #11
I partly agree with the bracketing idea, though what could help more (both with vets and fp#s in general9 is to bring back the trintiy requirement. basically take out that stupid role-neutral crap that does not work all that well anyways, and incentivise playing whatever role is needed at the moment.
Planety of peopel I meet over the years never tried otu tnaking or healing, but many who do stuck to it because they found it wasn#t all that bad after all. Just give them an incentive and they'll get to it and maybe find they have fun.

Quote: Originally Posted by cool-dude View Post
The people who are actually kicking low level players from lowbie veteran mode because of " gear" are the real bad . They suck, and cannot complete a veteran flashpoint that is abit more difficult than hammer station, because they need a team that can carry them., so they want someone to blame. Considering I played and beat umbara with a mixed team( my alt was lvl 17), nobody should be kicking anyone from a group because of their level; vet mode gear is scaled to 230.
But there are problems that do come up. for example some fp#s like False Emperor, where sub-level 18 do not have an interrupt (or similar cases where itnerrupts are requrie dby the mechanics), or cases where bosses do hard focuses when they don#t have any deff-cd's yet and so on.
Sure, there are not many cases, and decent palyers of high level can usualy compensate, but What about a gorup of purely level 10-20 or so? that can and does happen.

On Umbara: come on, the seocnd you have a healer that entire fp is a cakewalk, no matter the level, if players have brains. From the coupel of runs i did so far (hate the train part shaking, but got to get them damn stornghold keys) it ranks mid-ish in the difficulty at best.