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<Skittles Team 6> (Republic)


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08.23.2017 , 02:11 PM | #1
Skittles Team 6
Is an operation-focused guild dedicated to downing end-game content. We are by no means a hardcore guild but we do take progression seriously. We currently have a 16man progression group tackling Hard Mode (Veteran Mode) content and aiming for Nightmare (Master Mode) content. We currently only dedicate one night of the week (Saturdays 5pm PST - 8pm PST) but down the line there is potential to make it two nights a week. We do run operations during the week, usually in the evening when most of our players are on.

We are recruiting like-minded players who know a good amount of their class to play well. We expect our members to learn their own class and perform well on it, while we are the ones teaching the operations.
-We do require discord and parse 100% of the time in operations
-No raid spot is secure. The better you perform the more likely it is you'll be able to come to every progression night.
-Minimum geared 242, with 248 being ideal.
-An added bonus is having the ability to craft a Crystal of Nightmarish Fury for whenever we do Nightmare Content, any bit helps.
-Computer specs. Be able to handle a 16man environment, even if you have to set all settings to low and no nameplates/etc. No one in the group likes a member disconnecting, especially if its constantly happening. If that happens, then 16man is probably not for you with your current setup.
-We expect our members to show up before raid time if they are wanting to participate, preferably 15-30 mins prior to 5pm PST. If you are unable to make the raid time, to let an officer know so we can prepare before hand.

Mostly seeking DPS who can do mechanics while maintaining their rotation and being a great addition to the group. There is also potential of a tank becoming a main core tank as well, as we have an off-tank that can't always make the desired time.

If you have any interested, send a message to one of our members and they will get ahold of one of our officers. Or contact the following:
Conor Villeto
ArcAngel-(plenty of names after hypthen)
Reddragon-(plenty of names after hypthen)