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The Galactic Coalition (Republic, Protaginator)

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The Galactic Coalition (Republic, Protaginator)

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08.20.2017 , 11:36 AM | #1
Hello there!
I have made this post to share upon our republic guild, The Galactic Coalition.
What is our guild you may ask, well if not played yet of star wars knights of the fallen empire or eternal throne, little spoilers will be shown up ahead but nothing to spoil the major points.

In the story arc, the alliance commander united a alliance with people who are part of the republic and empire, even those who are not with the two factions, as jedi, sith, soldiers, outlaws, and all of those who wish to serve you allaince to oppose the eternal empire.
in end, you have defeated the eternal empire, and forge yourself a new order, a neutral faction thats not with the republic or empire (depending upon which end you take) and forge The eternal alliance.

Now our guild is not the eternal alliance, for it's more of an inspiration of them, as this guild welcomes all including rp players who dont most likely rp as a jedi or republic based trooper, but perhaps as a sith or imperial officer, but yet dont serve the empire upon there own reasons, so say you're much of a imperial rp player but not much pushed on being rping as a jedi or trooper, then this guild will fit in for you.

what is the coalitions goal?
well the coalition's goal same as the eternal alliance to stop threats and wars between the empire and the republic, and all others that wish to endanger or harm the galaxy, now as they're a neutral faction they do not oppose the republic or empire, but will aid if they have any dangers that do not involve them conflicting each other, unless its something to greatly serious.

The galactic coalition has 5 certain division's depending upon your character or what he/she fits in, those are:
1:The light side division, the division are force users who focus upon the Light side of the force, perfect for jedi or those who are more into the light.
2:The Dark side division, the divison is more focused upon using the dark side of the force, perfect for sith, dark jedi or those who focus upon more to the dark.
3:The Grey division: this division is based upon those who focus more on both the light and the dark, for those to keep in balanced, perfect for grey jedi, grey sith, or force users who are not to aimed for the light or dark
4: the military division, the division for all our soldiers and those upon military based, perfect for all those in military approach
5: the outlaws division, this division is for our, smugglers, bounty hunters, mercenaries all those low in the galaxies under belly, as well as gaining information for agents who too work for the division.

We as well have two side division's
1: security division, for those who are honor guards, or work as security officers or temple guards or knights of zakuul, this will be good for you to keep eye out if anyone in base were to be acting out of line.
2: Medical division, for this is for our medic's and healer's who wish to tend aid to the injured or wounded, wether it's involve force healing or medical skills with first aid.

The galactic coalition have settled and built there base upon the planet of zakuul, far past the endless swamps they found a old temple (base is yavin stronghold) as then the coalition work and built there base of operations upon the planet.

Wish to join and aid its course?
well to join us make sure to keep eye's out for any of the council or council advisors online to join, those advisors are:

Slerdnibe/Arthas'stormers/arthas stormers
Rhys Tenebae

whisper to any of these people, and they will ask you two questions, two simple basic questions, once upon then they'll add you in, and we would ask to then to apply to our website which is from there we'll ask you to put up a profile upon your character and his/ her backstory, as long as it keeps to lore, and nothing that seems for ones character to be too perfect or overpowered, people like to casually rp with casual rp'ers.

once everything is done, a council member or advisor will intro your character bringing him/ her to the order.

That is all you need to know of our guild, if wish to join as from above whisper to any of these players, thank you for your time reading the post, and we do hope you wish to help and support this guild's cause