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does the progrenitor have less capacity than the other servers?

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does the progrenitor have less capacity than the other servers?

Turrican's Avatar

10.21.2012 , 03:18 AM | #1
asking because it shows up as heavy, with one instance of imp fleet and 80 ppl, while the red eclipse has 2 instances of fleet with 240 in the first and 100 ppl in the second instance. on kaas a similar picture (one respectively two instances of dromund kaas). both show as heavy in the server seletion screen. i find this a bit irritating. eventually i want to pick a server thats not again going to be deserted soon.

Darth_Haderach's Avatar

10.21.2012 , 01:58 PM | #2
Probably the population threshold needs updating. While we can't know what the capacity of the servers is, it's safe to say that as the only English RP server in Europe, The Progenitor isn't going down anytime soon.

Devlonir's Avatar

10.22.2012 , 01:13 AM | #3
Also, don't forget it is an RP server, not a PVE or PVP server. This means basicly that many people are more active in other areas than Fleet and capitol worlds. When you go around, you'll see that other planets are more populated very often. For example: right now Belsavis has multiple instances for most of last and this week because of a large ongoing RP event happening there. Voss usually also has higher activity than on most other servers and it is the same for Nar Shaddaa as well.

Also, queue times have never been really long. Unless you are in a level range where you get only 1 flashpoint to queue on, the flashpoint and pvp queues are always relatively quick on Progenitor. This means that despite the larger presence of RP players, the other aspects of the game are also not completely abandoned. This also means people are spending more time in the warzones and flashpoints than queueing for them. This also reduces amount of people on fleet.

Hope this answer helped a bit! As you can see there are a lot more reasons for this server to have less people in fleet than other servers do.
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BosnianSith's Avatar

08.14.2017 , 02:10 AM | #4
I think recently, a lot of people come to the progenitor, but i noticed also that there are no many people at the fleet, many times i saw just 10-15 players online, and that is weird. I hope this server will live in the future.
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08.14.2017 , 05:02 AM | #5
Going from the gen chat on Progenitor some are migrants from Red Eclipse who got fed up of the salty whiners over there and fancied some peace and quiet.

Player hotspots are MAINLY DK and Nar Shadaa. I gather they're prime RP hotspots. DK averages about 70+.

It's usually pretty busy at all times of the day, just some planets you will get all to yourself.

I have noticed a LOT more players on the Imp side than the Pub side though, even though the light side usually wins the perpetual tug of war.

So while it may not have the numbers overall as with The Youtube Eclipse but the concentration of players is different.
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