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Letís Chat Ė Cartel Market and You: New pack design (Underworld Alliance)

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Letís Chat Ė Cartel Market and You: New pack design (Underworld Alliance)
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TheRomanRuler's Avatar

10.01.2016 , 07:59 PM | #231
I am far more likely to buy these packs now that they all include cube that has change to give me anything from any pack. I love that i am not just limited to what that exact pack has.
But i certainly would love to buy a pack that has only color crystal or only armor or only mount etc etc. Any idea when they return?
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NeuroniaSW's Avatar

12.04.2016 , 06:19 PM | #232
Just from my own opinion, I loved when the old packs made a comeback every now and then. I'd buy a few and take the odds and go from there. That the old packs included Cartel Certificates was even more appealing. I'll likely grab a hypercrate of some new stuff and see what the fuss is with the cubes, but so far I'm not too warm on the idea. I'd rather just have newer stuff from new packs and older stuff from old packs. Unless they did a straight "reprint" pack (like some trading card games do) where the older stuff is in there but you might have a slightly reskinned version or whatever.
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shepardm's Avatar

12.12.2016 , 06:18 PM | #233
wanted to ask if cartel market certificates will be reintroduced in to the game post 5.01 as the vendor is still there with some pretty amazing items like revans mask that ppl want 50mil for on the gtn or the hover chair thanks for the help
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Xina_LA's Avatar

12.27.2016 , 11:09 AM | #234
I appreciate that they're bringing out decorations faster, by including more in a pack. However, it has greatly increased the rarity of each particular item. This pack's bronzes cost double what they usually do, with even greater increases for silver and gold items.

If there are going to be more potential items per pack, the number of items dropping from the pack needs to increase, otherwise rarity increases. You also face an increased chance of a whole hypercrate with no golds.

JaxsAttacks's Avatar

08.14.2017 , 01:21 AM | #235
i really want the Sensuous Dress to be in a new pack along with other extremely popular armor sets