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GSF Discussion: Ship Balance

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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07.22.2017 , 04:06 AM | #151
Quote: Originally Posted by RickDagles View Post
-Team Deathmatch is dominated by Gunships with 1 or 2 Warcarriers for support. Gunships stack too well due to slug railguns being so effective for covering teammates...
This is true but a very diplomatic statement and there are other veterans who know it!

This type of ship is an absolute failure for the game. There is no indication that someone will kill you by one shot next 2 seconds, there is no second chance if they hit you...If overpowered battle scout going to kill you, you can learn to check the map and prevent fast death but not if GS point at you.
A good pilot can track 1-2 GS, but if they are >=3?! They spoil the game and if someone wants to play chess with GS or explain to me how to kill them, I will tell him that I'm used to them after so many games but it's a very frustrating for new players!

I can also say that this is unique sniper-ship in the Star Wars universe (GSF is part of that), but its railgun function must be changed!

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07.22.2017 , 08:30 AM | #152
I vaguely remember one of my last GSF matches so long ago.

In my other 2 ships, I couldn't do a thing and got destroyed in seconds.
In my Gunship, I could at least do [i]something7i].

What happened People began cursing and ranting about the Gunships and how lame and unmanly (my words) it was to use them ... I bet it was the same playe4rs who had shredded my other ships in seconds ...

That was an interesting experience : Either they want easy kills, but at the point they don't, they begin ranting and cursing.
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08.13.2017 , 03:36 PM | #153
I'm sure stuff I would have said has already been mentioned because there are a lot of points the community is in agreement with. But there are changes I think should be made that wouldn't have unanimous agreement.

Evasion - Its existence has such a dramatic impact on gameplay from dictating viable defense options to the necessity of accuracy buffs. It's typically hard enough to line up sights on a moving target, let alone maintain continuous fire. A new player will have a hard enough time landing a hit before evasion, with evasion even a properly lined up shot can have a decent chance to miss providing little feedback for learning.

Gunships and bombers ruined the dynamic - In Tie Fighter, gunships and bombers served specific roles and are almost completely different compared to their gsf counterparts.

Gunships in gsf have high burst damage from long range and decent mobility. In Tie Fighter they were heavily armored/shielded "tanks" that could shoot from both the front with a rotating turret in the back.

The only way I see to truly balance the gsf gunship now is to hurt its mobility. If we want to avoid gunship stacking without imposing limits on ship selection, making them truly vulnerable at close range would do it. However, I don't recall ever seeing a long range type gunship in any starwars movie, yet we've seen multiple iterations of planet killers.

Bombers in Tie Fighter were primarily for long range assault on heavy targets - which the gunship in gsf essentially does now in a far better way. Bombers in GSF primarily serve in an area denial role. Right now the only decent mine clearing method is ion-cannon with the aoe upgrade, as emp field's cooldown is too long to be reliable. I don't know any way to re-balance them short of allowing mines to damage friendlies (which could also lead to griefing teammates).

Components really need an overhaul as they do define a ship dynamic as ships are essentially a shell for component options.
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