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GSF Discussion: Itemization

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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08.03.2017 , 08:52 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by Toraak View Post
Guess you got a lot luckier then I did. I saw comments like that many times a day for 2-3 weeks when that alert was new. And I disagree with 1 of your idea's only. The rest would tie GSF into the rest of the game. I just do not agree with Companion alerts for GSF (as I didn't like them for M1-4X for the same reasoning). Honestly if you have such a problem with someone disagreeing with 1 of your points, it's your problem you'll need to deal with. I've given my reasoning for why I disagree with that one point, and have no issues with the rest. I'm done with this argument as it's not going anywhere.
It's not end of the world to me lol But pretty obvious why I defend that one and many people mentioned it - you gotta admit, a companion reward is a big one, people just can't resist pokemoning them and it would be a big drive for GSF. Not saying it has to be core-story companion, could be a kickass droid or 5 existing GSF co-pilots made available as ground troops, but a companion incentive proved extremly effective for pretty much all kind of content in the game. I mean, I'm hurting my fingers on that stupid slot machine to get the pig

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08.04.2017 , 12:23 AM | #62
I'd want my ship customisations ( paint job, colours, blaster colours, engine reactant ) as a decal on the back of a pilot's jacket or coat, or as a SH deco.

My friends rarely see the customisations, unless I whizz by them at close range. My enemies only see them in the target window when they target me. I'm proud of my cosmetic choices and want to show off to the galaxy that I'm the one in the red and gold Bloodmark, or the Teal and Black Sting with the SI-02 paint jobs.
-Storm Cutter.
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08.13.2017 , 01:55 PM | #63
To log in nearly a year later and see things purchased show as never purchased makes it very difficult to have enough confidence in a product, especially when dealing with support to resolve said issue is hardly pleasant and no guarantee.

For example, when my ship is showing a skin that its had for ages yet lists it as never purchased and an unavailable option without rebuying, or co-pilots no longer available despite having purchased them in the past - those were bugs nearly a year ago when I left. Then I come back to find even colors from both blasters and ships are affected....

For a mode that's clearly not a priority in the business model, it sure manages to get broken a lot for hardly being touched.
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