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Theories on how lightsabers work / are weighted

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Theories on how lightsabers work / are weighted

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08.06.2017 , 03:32 PM | #11
Ok my 2 credits worth, With out reading any thing else other than the title of this thread. The LS isnt weightless. the materials it takes to craft a LS has weight to them. so the finish saber hilt it self has weight, my guess as heavy as a common hand held flash light. Now as far as all light beams or lasers, that would be weightless, of course there is nothing that can control the length of a laser beam, it would go on for infinity til it hit a solid surface of what ever. In the case of just a Light beam, the lumens of a light would fade depending on how powerful the source of its energy and how many lumens the bulb is, or type of, and how many bulbs like as in LED bulbs. Higher the lumens farther the beam of light b4 fading.

So in conclusion, its the hilt that has the weight, not beam.

Hoped that made sense.......
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08.12.2017 , 01:13 PM | #12
Guys you're missing why Jedi/sith can use these weapons like actual swords and not lop their arms off. THE FORCE. Sure a normal person given enough time could use one, but to get it's greatest measure, it requires the force. Using the force helps stablize the weapon, give it momentum besides swinging, helps put your blade in front if the danger.

It's why this weapon is THE weapon of a force user. To get the most out of it, need the force. That simple.
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