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Finding Big Blue: Manaan's Missing Fish

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Finding Big Blue: Manaan's Missing Fish

Jenva's Avatar

08.02.2017 , 01:02 AM | #1
Where's the big blue fish from the Manaan Retreat Video? ? ?
Click above Link; Look @ 0:23

I watched the Manaan Retreat Promotional Video on the website (you know, the one showing the SH to try to get us to buy it...). I realized something. They showcase a big blue fish/dolphin swimming slowly over the coral reef in the middle of the glass floor - very easy to see. There was also a glimpse of a yellow one to the right darting by. Where is the big colorful fish in our personal SH video and in our SH glass floor?? It should be there slowly swimming and looking up at us in our SH underwater observatory. It was advertised as being in the SH, and I want it!

Right now, there is nothing to observe in the underwater observatory... Nothing swimming where we can see it BTW. Yeah, that little fish by the coral looks like a toy someone accidentally dropped down there, and the little school of minnows shoots by so fast they look like the bubbles. Surely there are fish out there large enough to observe, so just send them to our glass floor and teenie tiny windows (which should have been larger) so they can be observed in the observatory. Really. Give us the fish promised in the promotional video!! Why tease us with something to help sell the SH and not give it to us? We need the big blue fish and more in the underwater observatory.

Summary: Watch Manaan SH Promo Video on swtor website. Dev's have a big blue fish in their observatory floor that we do not have in ours. But, I want it, too!!! Otherwise, if we don't get it, they have misrepresented that part of the SH.
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casirabit's Avatar

08.02.2017 , 07:25 AM | #2
There is a big giant shark that you can see at times outside the observatory windows. I have seen it a few times.
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Vanjenn's Avatar

08.02.2017 , 01:14 PM | #3
Yes, we need more fish. What does Shark-y in the distance eat? - Just players?

Seriously, they do need to give us the big blue fish from the glass floor in the dev's stronghold.
It is in the promo video for Manaan SH and is not in our intro movies or stronghold.
Please fix this devs.

Devs find Big Blue - for the players!

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Jenva's Avatar

08.06.2017 , 03:14 PM | #4
Hey, here's the link to the video, in case anyone wants to see it again. The big blue fish is at 0:23 seconds.

I will also add this link to the original post. Thanks.
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