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Meetra Surik(The Exile) Cooler than revan IMO

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Meetra Surik(The Exile) Cooler than revan IMO

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08.03.2017 , 05:23 PM | #351
Quote: Originally Posted by jgoranson View Post
I want a Meetra Surik expansion story line we got 4 on revan (two flashpoints one for both sides then forged alliance and finally shadow of revan) but nothing but a small *** cameo in one does bioware not even no the only reason the jedi exist is because of her, literally all the jedi in the mmo stem from her padawna's they alone rebuilt the order so all jedi today only exist because she singly handily rebuilt a new counsel to continue on. Does Bioware even know this of course they dont beauce why bother with somthing that was not made by them also the lack of Darth Traya is also annoying shes a big deal in universe but not to Bioware.
1. Necro
2. Incorrect, there were other Jedi who survived besides her padawans (Bastila for one)
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08.03.2017 , 08:19 PM | #352
Since it's relevant I thought I'd plug this neat video I saw on Meetra Surik,
I kinda agree that she's cooler than revan and I'm not a fan of what they did with her story for Swtor.
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