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Emperor's Wrath vs. Darth Nox (spoilers)

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Emperor's Wrath vs. Darth Nox (spoilers)

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07.30.2017 , 03:36 AM | #381
Pointing out that Wrath never loss so there is no weakness to discover isn't quite accurate.
Everyone has a weakness... everyone.
In the end though, it's a fight about someone who can't be defeated (Wrath) against someone who can defeat anything (Nox). The classic unmovable object versus the unstoppable force.

I favor Nox mainly because I'm having a narrative stance and I look at them through a narrator lense : as I said, the Warrior is all about being the best and proving it, while the Inquisitor is all about overcoming difficulties. Thus, the Warrior has a "finite" potential, while the Inquisitor has an "infinite" potential, making the latter more fitted to win the final fight.