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Any LGBT guilds on Harbinger?

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Any LGBT guilds on Harbinger?

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11.21.2013 , 12:41 PM | #81
Quote: Originally Posted by Jiminison View Post
This is a question I'd like to throw out there if some calls to make a cis or call it straight guild what will be the response. I think that will answer this debate from both sides it will either show hey see it's ok to have your own group of Ideologues and we are all free to have our own guild Identity with beliefs and chosen life style or "hey only we should have an Identity in this game because of x or Y clearly cracking this egg open either way the truth is known and equality for all established and hopefully we can all get along in this game. If there is truly an militant agenda from either side it will be exposed.
Well, as far as I know there are no LGBT "only" guilds... there are LGBT guilds, but they accept straight people too.
LGBT is not a requirement, it's just a special interest so to speak.
Kinda like a "Heavy Roleplaying" guild or a guild for russians... no different really...

There is no "agenda" here...

However, a "straights only" guild would be excluding people because of their sexual preferences and thus discriminating...
Just like a "whites only" or "fighter pilots only" guild...
And that is against the rules.
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11.22.2013 , 02:48 PM | #82
To me having a LGBT guild sounds like self imposed segregation which to me is worse then having someone else forcefully segregate you. If you are in a Guild that allows members to make degrading comments about race, nationality, religion, sex, sexuality or anything else that can be hurtful then it is not a Guild worth being in.

As a GM I do my best to be fair about everything. I do not allow political or religious debate in Guild Chat because they are hot topics and someone is bound to take offense. I know we have members of the LBGT community in my Guild and I treat them like everyone else and they can abide by the same rules. If they wish to talk about there significant other they can share if they wish I will not allow judgement from anyone in the Guild because of it. I talk about my husband and son and would not deny them the right to talk about there loved ones.

I had one guy who tried to make commits about there being too many lesbians in the Guild and I booted him as soon as I found out. I would do the same if someone made any form of derogatory commits about anyone in the Guild. My Guild is a happy place and drama is not allowed.

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05.18.2015 , 10:59 PM | #83
Quote: Originally Posted by Mounds View Post
on WoW i saw a woman only guild
i know of pvp guilds, raiding , rp, pve and such
others i found family, casual, christian(or other faith guilds)

but i understand why people question the need for LBGT guilds..

reson is this is a video game your sexual prefference or sex of actual player should never be brought into a game world. most come here to escape such things... that is why peopke MIGHT. have a problem cause even the christain guilds are fairly quite.

most forums about said guild always has because how in treated .. well dont tell anyone. im a 46yr male but if i never go onto a voice chat server youll never know that im really male. your sex and or perfrence has nothing to do with the game itself.

the christain guilds btw are more about clearer language than talking about religon. i was in onend near had a conversation about that.

as i stated before most of tge cries from someone in a guild like that or looking for one is because they bring their preferrence out in the open. to me that is private and oersonal and dont need to hear about it or care about it.

i goto MMO's to play a game find a fun guild chat with them and thats it... they dont need my life story.

i am a (@@@@@@@@@@) player btw .. yeah its my business what i am no one elses.
"reason is this is a video game your sexual prefference or sex of actual player should never be brought into a game world. most come here to escape such things."

^This is exactly the reason heteros have a problem with LGBT friendly guilds. But you know what, then you should really say that about ANY special interest group. But they don't, so it's rather hypocritical and suggests that even in real life, they have an issue with gay people. I'm sorry your world crumbles because there are people who DARE wish to be a part of something, virtual or real, where they feel they belong. I mean, we should also just eliminate schools, churches, clubs, sports, meetings, etc, because I mean....they're supporting "like-minded opinion, oh noes, the world will now end"

That logic of real life shouldn't be brought into video games is just a charade for exclusion. Nobody will admit that, nor will they accept someone else realizing that, and therefore try to discredit the whole concept. But it's just so plainly obvious. If it doesn't concern you....why stick your nose into it? You're so focused on escaping reality when you play a video game, but are quick to insert YOUR reality into the game, and the game's forums. Is it not actually the opponents of lgbt friendly guilds that are actually making the biggest scene...cuz that's all I see.

Smuglebunny's Avatar

05.19.2015 , 05:36 AM | #84
Whenever a persecuted group makes their own club, group, clan, guild the non-persecuted who persecute cry order to further persecute.

thats amusing.

Im straight, but all the people who posted anything about exculsion and agendas and etc. should be perm banned. IMO

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02.21.2016 , 02:11 AM | #85
Concerning LGBT community guilds and starting a custom LGBT chat channel:

It's become increasing clear to me that, even though 'gaymer' communities continuously seek a less heteronormative group in-game, inclusive guilds repeatedly fall apart for sheer lack of numbers.
The amount of active members is important in a guild to delve into end game material.
The game has now provided even more material, conquests, for guilds to complete together and for small, inactive guilds these new tasks seem impossible. So, people leave or their alts join more active, heteronormative guilds. Gay guilds are so short lived. Although, there are a few active LGBT groups that migrate from game to game, I'm focusing more on just SWtor.

I propose we instead start taking advantage of Swtor's custom chat channel feature. In this game anyone can create any channel they'd like. No one can see a channel unless they log into it. Once you log into a channel it looks and acts exactly like a guild channel. There is a notification when someone logs in or out, joins or leaves. Once you log in on a character, that character remains logged in forever until they un-join it.
I believe, at this time, this is all we really need. It is my hope that this idea will become popular enough to where you'd forget all about general chat. We can socialize, form groups, make sales... all that.
Let's name this new channel LGBT
To create the channel just log into your character and type /create LGBT
If it's already created by someone else then you will simply join it. If that's not the case anymore then simply type /cjoin LGBT
Next, If you're not already joined with any other custom channels, type /4 to use the channel (by default /1 is General, /2 is PVP, /3 is Trade)

The creator of the channel has the ability to moderate the channel (from trolling and such) and even give other players moderator status.
Now, Go! Join this channel on all your characters and spread the word (but please don't ever mention this in general chat or open forums because the trolls will follow)
If you see a message that someone has joined or logged in SAY HELLO!

Here is a complete list of custom channel commands:


/create [channelname] [password]- Create an Channel and an optional password

/cjoin [channelname] [password] - Join an already made channel also including a password if needed

/cleave [channelname] [password] - Leave a custom channel also including a password if needed

/lock [channelname] - Allow only invited players to join the channel

/unlock [channelname] - Allow all players to join the custom channel

/cinvite [channelname] [player] - Invite someone to the custom channel

/password [channelname] [password] - Set a password for the channel

/password [channelname] - Clear a password from a channel

/ckick [channelname] [player] - Kick a player from the channel

/ban [channelname] [player] - Ban a player from the channel

/unban [channelname] [player] - Unban a player from a channel

/mod [channelname] [player] - Give a player the moderator status in the channel

/unmod [channelname] [player] - Remove mod status from a player

/mute [channelname] [player] - Remove the ability to send messages on the channel

/unmute [channelname] [player] - Grant the ability to send messages on the channel

/moderate [channelname] - Set the custom channel to only let moderators speak

/unmoderate [channelname]- Set the custom channel to let anyone speak

/channellist - List all custom channels you are on

/list [channelname] - List the players on the custom channel
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02.22.2016 , 03:41 PM | #86
Might want to try posting on their server forum ;o
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02.23.2016 , 03:45 PM | #87
Quote: Originally Posted by ChidoriOokami View Post
Might want to try posting on their server forum ;o
my suggestion is for all servers. I posted on this thread as well as any other related threads so that mostly only interested (LGBT) peoples might see this. I don't want to openly post this as a new thread anywhere.

Also posted this to all the dead LGBT guild sites I found. Why dead ones? They were all dead but there were still many people registered in their rosters.
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"There is no greater challenge than to change from within. But that is what we all must do to survive"- Former Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan

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07.23.2017 , 07:44 PM | #88
Hello if you're looking for a Gay / LGBTQ+ guild Join our shadowlands LGBTQ+ Discord
Rainbow Empire is recuriting all members message anyone in here to get an invite.
or find me the guild master in game as Swan or Gaytwink