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Discussion Topic: Game Update 5.4 and the Next Roadmap

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Discussion Topic: Game Update 5.4 and the Next Roadmap
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xmarcusprimex's Avatar

07.22.2017 , 03:25 PM | #231
I still want to know if the entire stronghold is one moving train, OR a moving train is just a part of a stronghold on the ground.

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07.22.2017 , 03:35 PM | #232
Quote: Originally Posted by DanNV View Post
The nerfs are actually happening to force people to reroll, level and grind to stretch content again. The balance excuse is total BS.
And that is exactly what it is. Why put any effort into making much new content if you can just scale back players so they have to grind again to do what they have been doing for, sometimes, years.

"Balance". Right. Sorriest excuse ever, but there are always some who will believe it.

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07.22.2017 , 03:46 PM | #233
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
..... as you know, were really trying to provide you with more insight than ever before, and Id like to know what other information youd want to see in the Roadmap.
Hey Keith.... I would love it if when you release the next quarterly Roadmap update... that you also include some "preliminary" views into the quarter after that. Not to the same detail of course... but some teasers of things you have planned coming 5-6 months from now. Why? because a 3 month roadmap is not enough insight for some players to make long term plans and commitments toward continuing to subscribe.

I understand this is a two edged sword.... as some players will immediately take a dump on whatever you publish.....but I really think it needs to be added to the backend of a fresh roadmap posting.... as it gives more insight into the directions you are moving the game in. It demonstrates to the objective forum reader that you are not just making things up 3 months at a time. It might even quell some of the drive by hyperbole about the game being in "maintenance mode".

Of course an actual one year roadmap would be fantastic, but I would be happy to see a 3 month + "probable 6 month put" on your roadmap plans. AND.. AND.. it is completely fair to let you update that farther reaching put on the roadmap as your plans change too.

Roadmaps should be living breathing documents between service provider and customer, not just a periodic sign-posting. And "living" infers a longer, though less precise, put on what is coming 6+ months down the road and updating that too quarterly as you dial in final plans.

Please make it happen.
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07.22.2017 , 05:01 PM | #234
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post

Class balance The following Disciplines are receiving changes (details will follow in the next few weeks):
  • Lethality / Ruffian
  • Concealment / Scrapper
  • Medicine / Sawbones
  • Fury / Concentration
  • Carnage / Combat
So only nerfs, no buffs to sorc & pt, really? I think balancing should be your first priority after bug fixing at the beginning of a new content (with new level cap). But first you are waiting for ages and now you are still don't get it done? I honestly doubt there is a "combat team", are you sure this is not just one guy, working for about 20 minutes a week?

Don't get me wrong, I mostly like all the new game features and new content and I appreciate all the work, but maybe you should check your priorities.

EzioMessi's Avatar

07.22.2017 , 07:25 PM | #235
The rating requirement for Master Mode flashpoints canNOT be 242, that is far too high. It should be 236, or 230+augments. 242 isn't even necessary for the hardest FPs such as Lost Island and Rishi, and any wipes for players in 236 gear or above are caused by lack of skill which vote-to-kick can deal with.

Additionally, it'd be really nice if the classes that have overtuned DCDs got their DCDs nerfed. Bioware literally gave Merc players free Ranked rewards for this season, and that is not fair to other players at all. Likewise, some classes such as Lightning Sorcs would really like not being one-shot by everything that moves.

The rest looks good though.
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07.22.2017 , 07:40 PM | #236
A 236 or lower with augments all over could average up to 242 so it's fine imo

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07.22.2017 , 10:51 PM | #237
Quote: Originally Posted by Alssaran View Post
I'm curious about this: Will this be a train that has simply multiple panorama options, or a train that is actually constantly just animated to move on a railway system like the one during the season 4 Clone Wars Episode?

However, I'd really like a discussion topic on decorations at this point. I appreciate that we are getting so many new strongholds, but I think this really makes a discussion about decoration acquisition necessary. So many simple decorations are horribly overpriced at this point, and I think having a discussion about how this acquisition should be handled would be greatly appreciated. A little example: I can't even buy a simple bartender decoration or a simple spacer kitchen because they range from anywhere between 5-10 million on the Progenitor. Alright, admittedly I easily could, but a ten million price for something so basic as a kitchen decoration is absurd. At this point, buying a new stronghold is slightly "unfavourable" because I can only fill it with basic chairs, soldiers and tables anyway.

Is there any way that we could see more "direct" stronghold bundles on the cartel market, and preferrably with some different decorations? A staff bundle, a basic appliances?
I totally agree. Clearly you guys recognize a lot of us want and like strongholds. But there does need to be equally more attention to decorations. That needs to be a discussion topic. Also there are at least 5 well contributed threads already on the forums with good ideas about decorations. Devs please read those and let's discuss how to make more decorations easier to get.

Also I'm honestly shocked we're getting another stronghold so soon. Don't get me wrong if it's been done well I'm happy about it. But how little attention to detail that was obvious in the Manaan stronghold makes me concerned about this one. I'd rather more time spent doing them right than get several in a year.
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07.22.2017 , 11:58 PM | #238
Quote: Originally Posted by xmarcusprimex View Post
I still want to know if the entire stronghold is one moving train, OR a moving train is just a part of a stronghold on the ground.
I wondered this as well, but I didn't want to seem illiterate once again so I didn't ask!
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07.22.2017 , 11:59 PM | #239 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Thanks for all the feedback. I'll take up a number of the points you raised with the team, including the 242 for Master Mode on Umbara. You also asked about Legacy Currencies, additional class balancing, Strongholds, and more, so I'll update the Roadmap to include many of those items, along with any additional insight, where possible.

There's a lot of criticism in this thread, a lot of good ideas, some confusion, a bunch of frustration. and a ton of passion about SWTOR. I've also read that we don't play the game, have no understanding of MMOs, and most of decisions are the opposite of smart. I get it and I think most of you know realize we're not going to please everyone, and no matter how many changes we make, someone is going to be unhappy and call us out.

I know we'll continue to improve the game, we'll continue to refine every area, we'll add new content regularly for a wide variety of different play styles - some will get strongholds, some will get PvP, GSF, Operation Bosses, New Flashpoints, Story, and more. I also know we'll make mistakes along the way, and you'll be able to help us course correct, yet I still want the Dev Team to take chances, to push themselves and strive to be better and provide a lot of fun for all of us who play this game.

I've also read some of you are tossing in the towel and are leaving us. That obviously saddens me as the game is better when everyone works together. I have valued your input, have tried to understand your frustration while working with the team to get your concerns addressed. Not everything is as it seems, but I respect your decision and look to earn your business again in the near future.

Hope everyone is taking full advantage of the bonus CXP week. Have a great weekend.

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07.23.2017 , 01:28 AM | #240
Umbara should be cool. Keith, remember, if you touch merc DCDs, gonna need some of our DPS back to compensate.