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Roleplaying Guide: Being Sith

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09.16.2013 , 01:27 AM | #31
Personally I enjoy the crap out rp in other places besides the cantina. I personally walk around korriban speaking to acolytes about their saber technique it's good fun and it also helps me kill time
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07.17.2017 , 07:46 AM | #32
Quite enjoyable read.
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07.17.2017 , 08:45 AM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by TylerAcalan View Post
Complete and utter challenge fail.

Yes, I played SWG. Don't assume.

I don't give a **** how long you Roleplayed. That accounts for nothing. You can roleplay for 20 years and STILL get it wrong. You can just roleplay for the first time RIGHT THIS SECOND and get it right first time go. I've seen THAT done.

You are still comparing game mechanics. The point of this topic is to introduce people to the lore of being Sith. NOT compare SWG to SWTOR and point out game mechanics. Which you have done THRICE.

I don't even know what the hell to make of you ripping out a chunk of Sith getting out of the cantina and not hanging around them 24/7 to do nothing but Cantina RP. Have you even made an attempt to get out of the cantina yourself and go looking for RP OUTSIDE the cantina? Maybe go find Sith out conquering the galaxy? Sith overseeing ruin excavation for relics? Sith sitting in a desk somewhere filling out and signing paperwork that allows their business/personal forces/undercover agents/ect. to function without collapsing? THAT is the point of Sith "Not being Cantina Barflies".

They have an Empire to run. Said Empire will collapse if it isn't maintained. Said maintenance will not happen if all Sith do is stand around in the cantina drinking until they pass out.

And you had best give a **** when you go quoiting someone. If someone quotes me that's a sign they plan to respond to what I wrote. Not write some half baked half post that doesn't even address the original topic. You can be damn sure I'M going to care if you quote me because I sure as hell will respond to the content in the post that quoted me.

That said you have lost all creditability.

Ignore people like that. I played SWG and the only type of "RP" they understood was cantina RP and not doing anything else. I actually learned more roleplay with the group of people I met here and our forum RP than all my years on SWG. Yes there were some that wanted to do other things than stand around in a cantina all day and RP, but a lot of them that is was their extent of RP.

I just learned those are the people I don't RP with and we have our own RP story for our group.
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