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Change to Cartel Color Crystals and Weapon Tunings with Legacy Weapons

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Change to Cartel Color Crystals and Weapon Tunings with Legacy Weapons
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

dscount's Avatar

07.11.2017 , 04:03 PM | #221
Quote: Originally Posted by Screaming_Ziva View Post
It is disappointing, although not unexpected, that Eric has been posting today and he is completely avoiding these threads.

I understand where they are coming from on this (although Eric said years ago that moving cartel crystals in legacy weapons was not considered an exploit) but, for it to not allow account unlocked crystals and tunings to be put into legacy storage is absolutely stupid.
Sad response from Bioware anytime it's "Bad News" threads. They seem to avoid them like the plague. Didn't see any BW post in the Balance threads until a couple weeks of people ************ enough to warrant them jumping in and saying "Yea... not going to change - Just Heal to Full"...

This thread - they are reading it I'm sure as well the Reddit version is on fire with even more interesting comments.
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07.11.2017 , 04:05 PM | #222
This is a retarded change, that SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN A BLIND SIDE EVENT LIKE THIS. This is not a minor change, this is a very significant change and as such should have been broached a lot earlier to the community

MeNaCe-NZ's Avatar

07.11.2017 , 04:05 PM | #223
Quote: Originally Posted by dscount View Post
I have to agree. The last two "BAD NEWS" have been complete silence from both Musco and Keith. Class balance forums went WEEKS without any responses until last week enough nudging by player they said "Yea... not going to change anything"... now they do this crap and don't even give any clarity to the issues that are about to explode on the user community. Very crappy communication skills for someone (Bioware) that is trying to repair its community relations. One step forward and three steps back guys. Where was Eric's "Litmus" testing on these legacy crap?
If you look back at Keith's last post then I do wonder if that whole issue has put him off posting at all.

I hope not because if you follow that thread and the follow up thread he should realize most people were behind him and supporting his behavior whilst defending him against what I viewed as a rather blatant attempt at trolling.

nootsie's Avatar

07.11.2017 , 04:13 PM | #224
An easy solution for Bioware is to make all cartel market crystals and tunings that were unlocked account-wide to be legacy once they are unlocked from collections. Otherwise they remain character-only.

Estelindis's Avatar

07.11.2017 , 04:15 PM | #225
Quote: Originally Posted by nootsie View Post
An easy solution for Bioware is to make all cartel market crystals and tunings that were unlocked account-wide to be legacy once they are unlocked from collections. Otherwise they remain character-only.
I like this idea. (Assuming that making the mods legacy-bound would actually let them go into legacy storage and mail)
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Bobby_McDonald's Avatar

07.11.2017 , 04:28 PM | #226
The best solution to this is a weapon slot in the outfit designer. Then color crystal and tunings are tied to your outfit and you can transfer your legacy weapon with any crystal and without tuning. Bioware ITS TIME for the armed outfit designer!

KeithKanneg's Avatar

07.11.2017 , 04:42 PM | #227 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey all,

Letís review todayís Crystals and Weapon Tuning change and what caused it. With Patch 5.2.2, we made a change so everyone could take advantage of the Weapon Tunings across their account. We did that by adding them into Collections. This is the same process we use for Flairs, Armor Sets, Mounts, Crystals, Weapons, Pets, and more. This appeared to be a very welcomed change, but over the past month we found out players were subverting the collection system by using an exploit related to Legacy Weapons. Sure, you can argue itís been that way for a long time, but Weapon Tunings were new and being able to use them across your entire account is a cool benefit.

What happened is some players would add the Tuning to a legacy weapon, send to an Alt, remove it on that Alt, re-add it to the weapon, which would then incorrectly unlock it in Collections on that toon. They would then send that weapon to all of their toons and perform the same process. Thus circumventing the entire collection system and obtaining Weapon Tunings for their legacy without having to pay for it. As everyone has pointed out, Crystals sold via the Cartel Market could also be collection unlocked this way, and in fact, as players have clearly stated in this thread, theyíve been doing that for a very long time.

We did not impact the ability to use Crystals and Tunings in Legacy Weapons and we did not prevent you transferring mods, hilts, barrels, augments, or enhancements, through your legacy weapons (which I do all the time). This change did create a situation for all of us who are using Collections properly where there is an added step (and credit cost) to moving weapons. Our plan with Patch 5.4 in August is to resolve this new issue by allowing Collection Unlocked Crystals and Tunings to be transferred using your legacy weapons as you did previously (no cost/no removing of the items first).

As most of you already know, we do not communicate details about exploits and typically only acknowledge their existence after a fix has been deployed. In this case, we included it with our Patch Notes yesterday so you knew ahead of time what we were doing today. I also know this makes some of you unhappy, but the loophole needed to be closed and we did that in todayís patch.

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Eli_Porter's Avatar

07.11.2017 , 04:47 PM | #228
Good to hear Keith, sad that we'll have to wait a month to get it though. Would've been nice if it was done in the first place or reverted until 5.4.

scardera's Avatar

07.11.2017 , 04:47 PM | #229
lol at bioware answer....greed

dscount's Avatar

07.11.2017 , 04:48 PM | #230
Shouldn't have done anything until you fixed the Account Wide unlocked items to work properly.

So basically... because you deployed Tunings without properly implementation the rest of the players got shafted. Your team KNEW people would use that unlock on tunings like that. WHY would you have deployed it in 5.2.2? Now we all get to wait a MONTH for you to fix this mess up. Thanks - I'll just move back to legacy bound crystals or crafted.

Now it's going to cost you even more to get people to even USE CM crap anymore. Less CM money inbound.
I won't be using them (CM Crystals) and certainly won't bother with Tunings (Don't even have one yet).

BAD PR move Keith. You lost money in this roll out not just in the last month but going forward.
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