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Lookingdaniel's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 06:34 AM | #1

I have created a bounty hunter because it is a class I have always liked to play.
But I want to join the rebellion.

I am therefore gathering light points, but is it possible to defect to the republic later in the game?

kalicokane's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 06:38 AM | #2
In short, no.

darth_kodos's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 06:41 AM | #3
plus the alliance doesnt come into existence for a few thousand years
i love lightsabers

Lookingdaniel's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 06:56 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by kalicokane View Post
In short, no.
What would the long version be?

Cichard's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 06:59 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Lookingdaniel View Post
What would the long version be?
In long version

The order in which you will gain entry into EGA is dependent on how early you burned your Pre-Order Code. The earlier you burned your Pre-Order Code, the earlier you will be granted entry into EGA.

Rayla_Felana's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 07:10 AM | #6
The closest to leaving the Empire you can get is joining the Mandalorians, although they are allies to the Empire anyway.

Karkais's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 07:13 AM | #7
This is an game mechanic thing. Two factions, you cant hop over like that. Its likely to be that way for many years before Bioware even considers doing something about it.
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Punkre's Avatar

12.30.2011 , 07:20 AM | #8
Create a Trooper, use only options that a person joining the Republic as a Bounty Hunter would say.... Profit???
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