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Side Story Questions for Charles

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Side Story Questions for Charles

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06.15.2017 , 07:28 PM | #1
KOTFE and KOTET didnít really answer these questions for me, I admit Iím still missing a few chapters until my new job starts, but Iím dying to know. Hopefully, Charles or someone else can shed some light on these goings on if they donít spoil upcoming stories.

Whatís going on with:
  • Tython
  • Korriban
  • The Hutt Cartel (Iíve got a character that is ICly Cartel aligned rather than Republic or Imperial)
  • Alderaanís civil war
  • The Senate now that there is a new supreme chancellor
  • Whoever is bucking Acinaís lead on dealing with the Outlander
  • The state of Zakuul now that thereís new management (can we wean them off the droids for their own good?)
  • The Mandos during in their downtime (There's apparently not enough war for everybody with the Eternal Fleet, I sense a source of conflict. )
  • The free droids now that the organics have had their attention diverted (I RP two droids so I always watch droidy developments)
  • The Protectors (thereís a lot of people needing to be rescued these days and we havenít seen those guys in a while, please add Tefani as a companion even though heís already married. <3)
  • The rest of the children of the emperor
  • Belsavis and the Esh-Ka (I think we still left a mess back there 5 years ago.)
  • Quesh (who won? Wasn't it up in the air five years back)
  • Our pirate crew on Rishi
  • The Revanite Stragglers (I always imagine a few remained and I expected them to show up for the fight against Zakuul)
  • the Chiss Ascendancy
Anyone else got side story questions theyíve been itching to find out about?
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