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Need help: My guild, My flagship, my guild stronghold, etc were all stolen! =(

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Need help: My guild, My flagship, my guild stronghold, etc were all stolen! =(

Ishtanna's Avatar

03.25.2017 , 10:17 PM | #1
I am Sithqueen, creater/founder of the guild "The New Sith Empire". It was a family only guild. I spent tons of real life money and millions of credits buying our guild flag ship, our guild stronghold and all the upgrades to them all and every item I personally bought and placed in those places. I spent my heart and soul decorating it and tons of money doing them awesome for my children , husband and I. Well we let 2 people into our FAMILY guild, they seemed nice so we let them in. Well, due to real life tragedy one of my children died and my 8 year old was raped and going to hospitals, trials, etc (its still going on) one of those two people knew we would be offline for a while so....they stole our guild, kicked us all out of it. I reached out to the star wars team many times in petitions and they refused to help me and said I was spamming them and not to message them again. They said sorry cant help you it followed their policy.

Anyone see anyone with my guild, flagship, stronghold, with my guild name on? ANY information would help. I already had enough tragedy then I log into my favorite game to have fun then this. The names of the NON family members were names like Anakin, luke, thexen, arcann (all with special characters above an initial this is all one account) and the other person was Paxorus. I will gladly compensate anyone with information. I am heartbroken over many things and this was just wrong what was done to the guild I created for my family and all the money and hard work I solely put into our ship, stronghold, etc. Please.....this is so wrong...

Wimbleton's Avatar

06.13.2017 , 07:08 AM | #2
I really hope the things you say are not true. But if they are I'm really sorry that they happened.

Unfortunately, your situation does not protect you from the way things work. All you really need to do is spend about $50 at chinagoldfarmers and you can have all of that back and running again.

So if you're paying for a host of accounts, just stop playing for 1-2 months and save up that money, then you'll be good to go.