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The True Sith Academy (Open Sith RP!)

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The True Sith Academy (Open Sith RP!)

TerryDeath's Avatar

05.02.2017 , 07:40 PM | #1
The lord sat in his red chair, he was looking over the new apprentices to be arriving soon. He was showing no sort of acceptance at the names of the new acolytes, knowing they would most likely never survive the first trial from the overseer. He sighed, as he got an alert from the Overseer. The acolytes were here.
(Feel free to join in as the overseer or the new acolytes.)

stretchvball's Avatar

05.07.2017 , 08:48 AM | #2
The Room was rather small the a man waiting for us, i stop to take a look at the other acolytes seeing if they had a "friendly tone". I wasn't ready for the trials, but i had to become sith. Only one acolyte was "friendly" the cathar Named Ramonos. I hoped my life could end by the hands of the siblings, i guess ill die knowing i was weak. The overseer took a look at us the spit to the floor. I was ready to become sith.

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05.07.2017 , 11:58 AM | #3
This was my destiny. I had been born for this. Why then did I feel sick to my stomach? Fear? Of dying - no, that would be short and brief. Of bringing dishonor to my parents. Yes. It would be shameful if I did not live up to my potential. My father was a military man. He was a trainer at the military academy, specializing in sharpshooting on Ziost, but he did not have the force. My mother though, was of the Sith bloodline, and carried over the red marks of that species, although she was not strong in the force. She worked on Ziost, where it was her job to trace down force users and to send them to the different academies the Sith held throughout the Empire - but Korriban was the far most prestigious. The home of the Dark Council itself....

For myself, I discovered I could use the force one day during daily calesthenics. When, instead of pinning my opponent after he had struck a blow .... I was angry, and a hot feeling flowed through me.... all of a sudden, my body seemed to be stirring with electricity, and I opened my eyes to see I had shot an electric bolt at the girl who had been paired with me. She stared in disbelief as her leg crumpled into ash and she collapsed to the ground. I was called to the office, expecting punishment for frying an opponent. It seemed like I would be expelled. The principal of the girls academy and the vice principal and my mother and father were all standing there. I resolved not to show weakness... The principal looked at me. He looked at my mother, and nodded." Yes. She definitely shows indications. She shall be sent to Korriban then? ". My mother smiled. "Yes. We are proud to serve the Empire, aren't we?" I slowly nodded, trying to fathom all that entailed. I knew ABOUT the Sith... you could hardly live in the Empire as the daughter of a military officer and NOT know about them, But one did not really KNOW the Sith unless one was Sith oneself. As for the code, I knew the words... but I did not know the rituals, the history, the practice.... of HOW to do what the Sith did. Now I was not only to learn it, but to become one, myself. I would NOT be afraid. I looked around at my fellow acolytes. Trying to gauge them. Who would be the strongest? I would have to rely on myself... and only myself. It would not due to show any weakness.....
Shekkel,70 Nimrossa, 70 |Ebon Hawk
Shassella, 70 Barzella, 70 | Begeran
Adonnah, 70 Kydosh, 70 |Harbinger
Tashha, 70 Svgon, 70

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05.07.2017 , 01:06 PM | #4
Seeing....Hearing....Living.....i knew that the Acolytes Around me were born to kill. "Listen up you... dirty pieces of filth, your trials will begin now and for anyone to back down.... you die, is that clear?!" the Overseer barked, i could feel death was just around the corner. I was sent to fetch ancient sith data from the tombs. The Acolytes piled out, but one stayed. I could only bear not to hear what came from that room. I could only hear mumbles until i could hear the sound of lightning and the screams of agony. I should best not annoy the overseer god forbid the Lord. I wish what i say when i came out of that building was a lie, but it wasn't. Giant slugs swallowing other Acolytes whole. I hopped down to the red sand and hurried into the tomb. The only thing i could see in the tombs.....where dead acolytes.

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05.11.2017 , 04:13 PM | #5
Eleonoria was a pale and petite force using Young zabrak woman who had been raised on the colonies. Her family were slaves, and worked for an Imperial man whom never seemed to be home. So her family took care of his huge house and goods. Including the lands around. Eleonoria knew that the man also had an apartment in Dromund kaas. She had over heard it when he was talking to someone called "watcher one " over the holo. As the men were discussing some mission she couldnīt help but stay listening to this intriguing conversation. The man caught her in the deed, and as he had noticed before she were force sensitive. Only reason he hadnīt sent her away to the sith Academy was because he found her very nice to look at. But now she had become a liability, but the man had not the heart to kill her himself. So he sent her to overseer Harkun. If she died then so be it, if not... if the girl could become Sith, well then she wouldnīt be a liability anymore. She arrived at Korriban and were now standing with the other accolytes. She curtseyd and looked around.