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Quinn and Dorne are not Main Characters any more

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Quinn and Dorne are not Main Characters any more
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05.02.2017 , 05:21 PM | #1
After 5.2.1 patch Malavai Quinn and Elara Dorne are not listed as "Main Characters", but got their own category "Companions". Quinn also lost the comment in his bio that he decided to join my Alliance (Dorne still has that she rejected to join me).

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05.02.2017 , 07:21 PM | #2
I'll second this - Quinn is no longer showing as a main character for me or anyone I've asked. This can't be intended especially as people still haven't got Quinn/Dorne when they should have.

(And whilst on the subject of Quinn, his stronghold decoration since his return is very broken - it's a generic version in permanent hologram rather than his customised version which changes to a "solid" Quinn if he is dismissed or sent on a crew skill).
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05.03.2017 , 01:33 AM | #3
That true about the decoration: it's a permanent hologram that never turns into "flesh" when he's dismissed.

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05.03.2017 , 02:49 AM | #4
I have the same problem - Quinn and Dorne are not main characters anymore and stronghold decoration is broken.

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05.03.2017 , 03:00 AM | #5
Are you serious?????

Please say that is only a bug, even if it is a really bad one!

Please don't make me much more sad as i'm already be!
Answer please asap!

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05.04.2017 , 02:10 AM | #6

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05.09.2017 , 08:06 AM | #7 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Quinn and Elara being no longer listed as main characters is intended. This isn't any reflection on them or their story impact, this is a change that was made to stop people from getting into a bad state where they would not acquire the Companion when they should have.

I will pass on the decoration issue to be looked into!

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05.09.2017 , 08:24 AM | #8
How about the fact that their customizations have vanished? Any word on that?

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05.09.2017 , 09:59 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post

I will pass on the decoration issue to be looked into!

While you're at it, please also tell the team we are still waiting on a decoration for redeemed Arcann!
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05.09.2017 , 02:54 PM | #10
Still missing Quinn on my Warrior. :/
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