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New Adult-only Guild, Republic Riot, Seeking New Members

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New Adult-only Guild, Republic Riot, Seeking New Members

Simby's Avatar

01.22.2017 , 01:00 PM | #1
We're Republic Riot.

We are casual but some of us have an interest in PVP (and run it with friends from other guilds) and Ops. We just need some more people. We prefer you have some idea how to play, but if you are cool, we will help you learn.

21+ only. We have a stocked Guild Stronghold & bank. We drop f-bombs in gchat, but we're not mean. We just like to swear.

We'd really like to do heroics or a FP with you--or at least chat with you a bit--to make sure you're a good fit with our small group.

Reply here for more info or whisper Jennika Dezra, Namea, or Qedorii.

AHPBigeasy's Avatar

04.26.2017 , 12:46 PM | #2
Hey Simby,

Just wanted to reach out to see if the guild is still looking for new members.

I was an early adopter of the game upon launch but grad school got in the way so I had to hang it up for a few years. However, upon graduating I have returned to SWTOR on a more casual level. I try to play at least two hours a night during the week and a few hours a day on the weekends.

If you have room for another member just let me know, I am a team player and would definitely be able to contribute resources to the guild.

Thank you.