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cant switch sides on iokath

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Temprienne's Avatar

04.24.2017 , 02:09 AM | #21
Also encountering this problem.

Laaguna's Avatar

04.24.2017 , 10:16 AM | #22
This is broken for some. The imp side legacy armor set is waaaay better looking than the Pub side, So I switched support to get the Imperial reputation tokens to get the required rep for the Imp armor.

Well now (gunslinger) I am unable to switch back and do the Tyth operation with my team. I am not the only person in this mess. FIX YOUR **** please. I have been having to do the op on a lesser geared toon essentially gimping my Ops team.

EricMusco's Avatar

04.25.2017 , 06:25 AM | #23 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
I appreciate the reports on this, let me pass this on to the team and see what's up. Thanks everyone.

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YuKlondike's Avatar

04.25.2017 , 07:35 AM | #24
Have not been able to switch side since launch (day after) either. Submitted a ticket on this

Megasharktopus's Avatar

04.25.2017 , 08:12 AM | #25
same here!!

Djake's Avatar

04.25.2017 , 09:02 AM | #26
One of my Republic Iokath characters is stuck as Imp aligned, then I started Iokath story on another. Something came up mid story and I had to leave Iokath. Upon returning, the system loaded my character, a Republic aligned Vanguard into the IMPERIAL base. Whereupon I was immediately set upon by many elites and a walker. Luckily when I rezzed at the medical center it was republic.
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flopppy's Avatar

04.25.2017 , 09:30 AM | #27
Worked today, after weekly reset/lockout, for the first time for me.

Rankyn's Avatar

04.25.2017 , 11:42 AM | #28
After the Tuesday reset I was finally able to switch factions.
I'm not even gonna try to switch back before Monday because I might get stuck there again.
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ChadCloman's Avatar

04.25.2017 , 01:35 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by Rankyn View Post
After the Tuesday reset I was finally able to switch factions.
Same here. I wonder if this is a weekly reset instead of a daily reset?

Azreail's Avatar

04.26.2017 , 09:42 AM | #30
Likewise, I was also able to switch after the weekly reset having tried and failed every day last week. Seems there is something off with the lockout if we can switch weekly not daily.