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First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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03.14.2017 , 06:29 AM | #41
Fix teleports and leaps so you dont fall into whatever abyss you are jumping over by landing right on the edge and falling. This has been a bug for 5 years.

The customization preview window: Your character occasionally disappears. So you cant see anything. A MAJOR BUG that has been in the game since 5.0 You would think this would be a MAJOR priority to fix. But no.

Here I will make it a priority. BW I cant see my cartel market purchases in the window. Makes me not want to buy things from the cartel market..

There, now its a priority.

Sky fortress Missions Cannot be abandoned. If you take the sky fortress missions and decide you don't want to do them, you are out of luck and the missions will stay in your companion and contact window forever, there is NO WAY to abandon them.

In done and dusted, Aggy Resets for no reason, Frequently, in the middle of the fight. Making you have to fight him repeatedly.

You make sudden hotfix patches in the middle of prime time to fix anything that will BENEFIT the player.


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03.14.2017 , 06:30 AM | #42
Not fixing the turrets in The False Emperor HM at Jindo Krey? They reset the damage stacks once when you click the turrets, then it bugs out and doesn't reset, no matter how many times you click.
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03.14.2017 , 06:34 AM | #43
Since BW has no time or money to make new content or fix bugs...what do you do?

Re-skin armor all day?

Check to make sure no one is getting CXP too fast?

The warrior armors had their names exchanged, we know that was not intentional. lol

What do you do all day?


I would think that with nearly zero content creation you would have all day to find and fix bugs.

Guess not. Too busy with direct sale cartel market items.

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03.14.2017 , 08:09 AM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by Zasszz View Post
Just to add to the demands, which are justified at this point, because requesting nicely doesnt get the message across. Ive been writing down issues for a week. Then I stopped. Seeing all those bugs for 5 years now and no fix in sight and only empty promises from GMs and devs shows its a waste of time to report bugs. But here, have fun with my frustration:

- during the H2 in the rakghoul tunnels while on the mission for dr lokin, his probe taunts even nearby champions causing them to move away from their spawning location, evade and then despawn
- the military hangar exit on odessen in the room with bey'wan aygo has no indication that there is a door to your ship unless you hover over it with the cursor
- replaying chapter 9 - the alliance shows a main building with cracks that happens 16 chapters later including the odessen backround scenery from the battle of odessen from Kotet
- aborting the intro of certain chapters like chapter 9 still kicks the player out of the phase back to odessen or even the fleet while on other chapters aborting the conversation leaves the character inside the phase at the conversation location
- during chapter 9 KOTET, exporing the gravestone especially power generation deck north east room, triggers comments of koth of a previous chapter where scorpio hacks the gravestone
- after killing the horizon elite guard after defusing the 3rd fuse, when the character and koth walk towards the door, a copy of koth can appear behind koth
-clicking on theron during chapter 4 KOTET, explore the tunnels, triggers the conversation hat happened after meeting with theron earlier in the chapter with thorian as companion
- at the end of chapter 5 on odessen where you talk to lana for debriefing, the outside world is missing terrain
- during chapter 8 when the player has no target, alliance fighters will be targeted for no reason and the reflecting shield of the sorcerer shoots at them
- background noise in coruscant and droomund kaas strongholds is too loud, louder compared to outside
- Victors trailblazer mount is very loud compared to other mounts while standing
- aoe looting is still not working
- sorting the GTN by artifact or prototype rarity doesnt exclude custom items. Selecting custom quality should not display artifact items
- there is still a droid category in the GTN but there are no droid components left in the game to purchase. You still get droid components when finishing the HK-51 storyline but cant use them either. Selling them works tho
- Augmentation kits are not in the item modification category but instead in the miscellaneous category
- Master ranos' gloves dont vanish with covert hand energy armor
- the lips dont move when clicking on a companion for a commentary on random occasions
- often when clicking on a window while another window frame is behind it, the window in the front window moves behind the other window. Example: Mission window of a crew skill is in the fron, inventory frame is behind it, mission button is over the inventory close to corner, click button, inventory suddenly is in the front and mission isnt starting because I didnt actually hit the button but the window behind it. Its virtually impossible to close the GTN using the close button while legacy or collections window is open regardless how they are positioned. The only option is to either close the other windows that are behind the close button or select the GTN to put it in the front and press ESC
- scrolling in the crew skill mission window and mail window is very slow and even stops
- treasure hunting lockboxes ignore auto loot
- Planetary conquest notification about which guild controls this sector sometimes dont vanish
- Selecting a crew skill by clicking on the icon next to the companion in the crew skill window always opens the highest grade missions. Having the mission window open and clicking on another companions crew skill should not change the mission window selection if lower grade missions are selected
- sometimes only 6 companions can be sent on crew skill missions
- the tooltip when hovering over the left arrow in the appearance modification window is always in the way when zooming closer to the characters face to modify it. Also the red discount notification above the "change appearance" button says it already making the tooltip a useless annoyance
- in character creation and appearance modification window there is no reason why complexion and eyebrows are tied together. Not a bug, just annoying
- stronghold edit mode category selection misplaces the dropdown menu and cant be clicked if the preview window is behind that dropdown menu if the edit mode window is placed in the upper right corner of the screen
- ambient machines can only be heard by turning the volume WAY up, like 50% of whats pleasant compared to all other sounds
- standing in the tatooine stronghold on the balcony doesnt load personel/companions if they are placed on a large standard arrangement
- logging out a character places the character lower on the screen. Selecting another char and switching back fixes this
- during combat random group members or companions are being targeted after an enemy died and no other target has been selected fast enough
- make the collection window sort by name possible and save the selection of the dropdown menu when switching sessions
- if combat ends and the player is walking, the weapon cant be put away as long as the player is walking/running
- "[Item X] has been added to your collection" appears in chat when a cartel market item is being used in equipement, even when it came from collections if its the first time for that character
- relogging resets camera position (not settings) to close behind the character
- companions reappear if dismissed after a session change like entering a stronghold and conversations
- everytime your companions in healing role gets summoned after dismounting, they overheal the player because they reapply class buffs which remove and reapply endurance (if available), forcing them to heal you, wasting cooldowns
- zoom setting for minimap sometimes resets
- During the mission "counterpoint" for the counsular, the mission port to tython shows zero items and cant be used
- During the mission "old blood" and "as above, so below" for the counsular, hallowed voice lines are rakaten, not esh-ka
- Trees on voss around the lake of the unseen appear as big flat plates from afar instead of just not loading or loading properly
- having a lightsaber drawn and destroying a destroyable object with a it makes the weapon invisible
- login loading screen shows the text after finishing makeb even tho the character finished makeb and is progressing through shadow of revan prelude, yavin 4 and finished KOTFE and KOTET. Normal text appears while progressing through rishi and after finishing ziost

And thats just one week. I could have written down more but why bother? We rather see fixes for things that arent problems and additions nobody wants. DEVS, DO YOUR JOB! FIX YOUR BUGS!
+Not being able to continue Bonus Series missions because you already did one you are currently being told to do.
+Unable to retrieve a mission after abandoning it. This is most notable when abandoning the second part of the first mission of a Planetary Story Arc. Sharing does not work. Entire quest chain cannot be completed as a result.
+Receiving e-mails and conversations, particularly by companions (and perhaps various other NPCs) that reflect decisions you never made. I don't know if this has been fixed yet, but I am mentioning it here just for good measures.

Other bugs not mentioned in the post I quoted have been posted by others in this very thread.

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03.14.2017 , 09:00 AM | #45 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
All SWTOR servers are once again available, thank you for your patience.

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03.14.2017 , 09:22 AM | #46
Aaaand, the Nar Shaddaa planetary missions are still auto-completing.
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03.14.2017 , 12:25 PM | #47
Quote: Originally Posted by OldLadyGamerType View Post
Please say it's going to fix the bug where Oggurobb constantly whines about Broonmark before you can hand him any supply crates!
Yes, finally someone else who's found it annoying too. I have to keep telling the hutt to shut up and stop complaining.

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03.15.2017 , 12:35 PM | #48
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbohrius View Post
Aaaand, the Nar Shaddaa planetary missions are still auto-completing.
Should we laugh or cry that the bug that was supposed to be fixed with the patch wasn't actually fixed?

This is also a valuable point generator for conquests that just disappears thanks to this bug. At the very least, when you have NS in the conquest queue, since you seem unable to fix it, allow us to repeat the weekly heroics daily for that week or add Tat to the list.
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03.15.2017 , 02:19 PM | #49
Quote: Originally Posted by Smuglebunny View Post
Since BW has no time or money to make new content or fix bugs...what do you do?

Re-skin armor all day?

Check to make sure no one is getting CXP too fast?

The warrior armors had their names exchanged, we know that was not intentional. lol

What do you do all day?


I would think that with nearly zero content creation you would have all day to find and fix bugs.

Guess not. Too busy with direct sale cartel market items.

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03.15.2017 , 06:36 PM | #50
Not that anyone is looking at this thread anymore, but could you think about fixing returned companions mouths?! Or was it intentional that they all look like freaky corpses now, I mean since they're all technically dead because you made them all killable.