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New Emotes and Suggestions for Strongholds

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New Emotes and Suggestions for Strongholds

Krawon's Avatar

04.14.2015 , 02:45 AM | #1
Hello, BioWare.
I wrote a ticket to you in-game and was asked to state my suggestions here.
I was thinking of the changes in the emotes that were made recently. /meditate and /observe are alright, but /look was made not so good, as it looks like the character is looking around like a lost puppy. So I personally think it will be best, if it is the old way.
Since there are emotes like /chair and /sleep, I think there should be also something like /lean or I don't know, but the character would look as if leaning against a wall.
Also maybe different positions of the characters? For example with clasped hands behind the back or folded in front of the chest.
I also had an idea about the strongholds. Why is it not able for people to give golden keys to their friends? Or by any possibility, I though it was going to be cool, if two people (or more) could decorate a single stronghold with whatever they have in their store. For example, I have 5 chairs and decide to put them on different places. The other people won't be able to remove them, but place whatever they have on other free hooks. That is just an idea of course and I think it would be awesome, since me and my friend want to decorate a stronghold for only us two, but since I have all my stuff unlocked only for my SH it won't work.
So please, take this under attention, because maybe there are other people out there, that want to do to the same, who knows.
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Kaerri's Avatar

03.12.2017 , 07:57 PM | #2
I second this. Particularly the /lean emote; I know there's at least two versions already in the game, because I see NPCs doing them all the time: leaning back (as against a wall) with arms folded, and leaning sideways with arms folded. The second one I've seen the Smuggler do in cutscenes, too. Can we please have this enabled for player characters?

Saito_Hiraga's Avatar

03.12.2017 , 09:23 PM | #3
I want the /talk emote to have a longer duration and loop.
I would love a /sparring emote that takes out your lightsaber and perform some combat movements that can be used along with another player that uses the same emote to simulate that both are fighting. (For non force users the emote should summon a vibroblade for them to use with the animation.)
Some emotes are also missing animations and some would be awsome if a dialog is added. Such as "Not the droids ure looking for", if that one came with a hand wave and the character saying it, it would be epic.

*** for Strongholds you should check my thread on my signature, I have a huge compilation of the best ones.

Aeralie's Avatar

03.13.2017 , 06:05 PM | #4
it would be great to give out gold keys to friends to have them help decorate your and their strongholds. It would also be a great idea that once you give a friend any color key that all their toons in that legacy are given that key as well so you don't have to keep giving out keys to all of their toons.