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January 26th Livestream Wrap-up

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January 26th Livestream Wrap-up
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.27.2017 , 12:56 PM | #131
Quote: Originally Posted by Psychopyro View Post
Eric I sent you a PM with a couple things... One thing I want to point out on another issue though, if you guys ASK for feedback on the forums, can you PLEASE inform the moderators? One of the things you ASKED for feedback on got moved to the shredder box of the suggestion forum that you guys NEVER read or respond to.
I seem to recall reading a post by one of the staff saying that they DO read the suggestion box (as Eric just said), but they do not, as a matter of policy, respond there, so that they do not appear to be "blessing" or "cursing" any particular suggestion.
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01.27.2017 , 01:08 PM | #132
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Fear not, they are just doing their part! We absolutely read the suggestion box forum so don't worry about ideas/feedback not being seen there.

OK, I'll take your word for it... It just seems like a ghost town over there....

I guess my biggest concern with it is, a lot of people don't read that forum, so if there is more feedback to go with it from other people, it just seems like it would be missed. I guess that's a double edged sword though. Lack of ideas on a topic as opposed to a lot of unneeded noise....

But thanks for the response. Have fun...
OK fine... I'll post my referral link in protest.

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01.27.2017 , 01:29 PM | #133 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Quote: Originally Posted by JennyFlynn View Post
A few questions, story/companion related;

- If my Jedi Knight elects to side with the Empire to obtain Quinn and because tbqfh, she's beyond frustrated with the Republic, then according to Charles' this MAY affect future companion recruitment... does that mean she won't be able to get ANY of the future Republic-sided companions, or just some? Iresso was mentioned as an example and it would make sense for him not to wish to join a 'traitor' but Lord Scourge for example, the Jedi Knight's own companion, realistically he wouldn't/shouldn't care. Hell he'd probably rejoice so what of companions like him, will he become off-limits too if my JK sides with the Empire? — Perhaps leave the option open in all cases and just have comps like Iresso express a certain disdain with like, 1-2 extra conversational steps to reel him in or convince him.

- What of our already recruited companions such as Theron and Aric Jorgan, if we're Jedi/Smug/Trooper but side with the Empire in 5.2, will we lose them? Or say Pierce in a reversed situation if your Sith chooses the Republic.

- I assume romances with Elara/Quinn will be resumed in this new patch?
- That is a bit of a complicated question so let me work on it. We will get the answer out before 5.2 so you are informed for the choice!
- The choices you make in 5.2 will not impact Companions that you already have.
- Yes, Warriors and Troopers will be able to continue their romance with these Companions. However, note that it is possible that some of your past decisions could come back to impact your relationship…

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01.27.2017 , 01:44 PM | #134
Eric, I was wondering if you got the chance to read my post on Group Finder daily rewards in the Suggestion Box. Noting your statement about endeavouring to make the grind seem less so "grindy", I would like to take this opportunity to expand on my previous point. Here is a list of things I feel could help improve the GC system:

1: To reiterate, attaching command tokens as Group Finder daily rewards would help speed up the process of affording endgame gear. 5 for SM FPs and uprisings, 10 for VM FPs and uprisings, and 20 for MM FPs, uprisings and Group Finder SM ops, and it may reduce farming of certain instances due to exploits and other reasons.

2. Integrate command token rewards into ALL aspects of PvP (yes, even GSF). Award tokens based on how well the player did. Victory or defeat will mean nothing and it will encourage participation.

3. This may be a lot to ask, but bringing ops loot tables back to pre 5.0 settings would go a long way towards saving face. I have this theory that if you just left ops loot tables alone, no-one would've ragged on Galactic Command as much as they have done.

4. Axe the tier system. If all tiers of gear were available with these methods, it would, imo, give the player more choice as to what content they want to do. SM, VM, any mode would be open to them. My guild (Eternal Serenity and Insanity for rep and imp respectively) usually runs SM ops with a select group running VM, but they are always willing to help those who want to do VM, provided they are geared enough, and are willing to learn tactics in the raid.

5. Integrate command token rewards into the daily and weekly missions. If command tokens are to be the new comms going forward, they should at least be gathered in the same way comms were pre 5.0. Plus, it could help those who are 5 or so tokens away from getting a piece of gear they want, but a whole CXP bar away from getting any.

6. Resurrect priority VM ops. Make one operation a week harder than VM, but easier than MM, and give increased command token rewards to players that complete this challenge and have all bosses drop unassembled gear tokens if you are unwilling to implement suggestion 3, but the trade-off is that bosses are harder and the operation is unbolstered. Hell, go one step further and have priority SM ops as well in the same manner.

7. Put command token rewards into heroic missions. The option to do planetary missions is already in Galactic Command. Might as well roll with it. To borrow from priority ops, have one or two planets a week in desperate need of heroes or something along those lines, and reward players handsomely for answering said planet's call for aid.

8. And this is the last one, put command token rewards into flashpoint, uprising and operation bosses. I know of some bosses that are harder than the final boss of their instance (*cough*Quartermaster Bulo*cough*). A token reward for beating these bosses means that, even if a group doesn't finish an instance, they at least get something out of it if they made at least a tiny bit of progress.

TL;DR (I think that's how it goes, never used it before), if command tokens are destined to work in the same way as comms did, they should be rewarded in the same manner. It is obvious Galactic Command is here to stay, and anyone saying otherwise is fooling themselves, so rather than complain about it, as I have in the past, adapt to it instead.

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01.27.2017 , 01:45 PM | #135
Quote: Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
How? 1 year for a freaking Op? This is not some fringe niche MMO that doesn't have's STAR WARS and it's the ONLY Star Wars MMO on the entire market and it's owned my Electronic Arts, the largest and most lucrative gaming company in the entire world...the game has both a subscription AND a cash shop...yet they can only do ONE boss at a time?

Who is this appealing to exactly? World boss fans? It's not an's pieces of it strung together over a year...and it'll only be ONE Op at the end of that year. Who do you think that's appealing to exactly?
Whether they focus on group content or on solo content is something that may change depending on player feedback; whether they put out new WZs instead of new FPs or new Daily Areas instead of new Uprisings is something that may change depending on player feedback; whether they focus on bringing back old companions or introducing new ones is something that may change depending on player feedback; etc., etc., etc. There are a lot of things that may change depending on what players ask for.

One thing that's not going to change based on player feedback here is how much EA allocates for the SWTOR budget. A complaint about this game boils down to "they don't have the capacity to put out as much content as WoW or FFXIV" is probably a waste of keystrokes. These forums give feedback to BW, so we can tell them what we think they should do with the resources they have - telling them "get more resources so you can do more" isn't going to get much accomplished.

The decision they made wasn't between "should we put out a full Op in April, or should we put out the first boss in April and space the others out every couple months for the rest of the year?" it was between "should we put out the first Ops boss in April and keep releasing them every couple months, or should we wait until the end of the year and release the whole thing then?"

If the overall content output of this game is below what a player thinks is enough to justify their $15/mo, that's valid - it's their money and each person needs to make the individual call what they think is worth it or not. It's just not something that's likely to change based on feedback here (unlike the focus of where that content output is directed, which does change from time to time).
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01.27.2017 , 01:56 PM | #136
Quick question. Are there any plans to fix the many class bugs present currently? Some of them are pretty crippling (especially powertech/vanguard) for endgame it seems strange that they've been around for 2 months now without so much as an acknowledgement.
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01.27.2017 , 02:42 PM | #137
and Eric throws a bone...too little too late.

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01.27.2017 , 02:42 PM | #138
I'm not going to kill Quinn. That's just dumb.

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01.27.2017 , 03:09 PM | #139
Quote: Originally Posted by RameiArashi View Post
I'm not going to kill Quinn. That's just dumb.
I would rip his heart out and make him eat it if I could...
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01.27.2017 , 03:24 PM | #140
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Thank you everyone for tuning in! If you missed it, here is what we discussed.

On Tuesday we released Game Update 5.1 - Defend the Throne
  • Master Mode Chapters
  • 5 new Uprisings
  • Galactic Command Gearing Changes -- We know that the changes in 5.1 are just the start. We are looking into simplifying, making faster, and making more alt friendly the gearing in GC. We are also looking into making getting through Command Ranks faster.

Coming in April, Game Update 5.2 which will include
  • Brand new story arc on Iokath. The Empire and Republic are fighting over control of the planet and you, as the Alliance Commander will choose who to side with.
  • Two returning Companions: Quinn and Elara.
  • After completing Iokath's storyline, it opens up into a new daily area.
  • Coming with Iokath is the first boss of a new Operation. Each subsequent boss will be released in the future with the entire Op being completely released this year.
  • We are planning to have a PTS for 5.2 in the next few weeks. More details to follow.

I'd like to provide you with some constructive feedback, but I warn you most of it isn't positive given my experience with the game over the last year & a half or so.
**Good Feedback**
1). The presentation values in the game are top notch at the moment -- kudos. The game has come a long way since when I started in back in Beta, & truly the game has never been more beautiful than it is now. The visual enhancements applied back in 4.0 are very good.

2). I really do enjoy Uprisings, & so does everyone in my guild. I hope you make more of these as times goes forward. It's nice to have a group-play option that isn't as intensive as Ops or Flash-Points. Besides, it's about the only content we can play on our server in a reliable fashion.......

3). Thank you for making the "Omni-story" more engaging in 5.0. There are two distinct paths in KoTFT that could warrant at least two play-throughs as opposed to one with KoTET. This is a good thing given how most us are very unmotivated to play through it more than once. Don't get me wrong, it's a good story, but once you've seen it you've seen it. It could still use more variance & branching paths, but it's a good start. Also try not to lean on death so much as a "choices matter" consequence; moreover, it becomes cheap when over used. Death can be a powerful plot point when used correctly, but when over used loses its effect. Beyond that, death is only impactful if you have some kind of emotional bond with your companions...which you aren't allowed to form because they don't get enough screen time or "alone time". You guys could take a few notes from the Mass Effect team in this area. Additionally, death doesn't matter in this game because your surviving characters drop off the face of the known galaxy never to be heard from again if they even had the slightest chance to die in the main story -- bummer. Better could just bring back class missions....which would solve most of the "Omni-story" complications.

4). I'm really happy to see the return of Ops, moreover, it's been far too long. I mean you guys practically killed the MMO community with "story, story, story", but I think you know this & that's why you've changed focus again. In addition to "Story, story, story" likely not retaining subscriptions. I'm not so sure I care about the new daily area, but am overjoyed to see the return of ops. I think it's a shame you can only do it at the expense of all other traditional SWTOR "MMO bits": GSF, PvP, & etc. Seriously, tell EA to open their dusty greedy coffers & give you guys a decent sized staff again. You have to spend money to make money, & at the rate you guys develop content you'll never be able to satisfy any of your individual MMO subsections.

PS: Please DO NOT over-tune the new raid. ToS & RAV were far too difficult in story mode. I was around when they launched back in 3.0 & they killed the casual raiding crowd on POT5. Please tune this new operation to be more akin to EV, KP, DP, & DF. "Hardcore" raiders have long since left for other games during the "story, story story" MMO content drought that would have wanted ToS level challenge. To be honest, ToS is still too difficult in story mode......

**Bad FeedBack**
1). Server population, this is literally the only thing my guild cares about right now. I asked about this issue 4 or 5 times yesterday during the Dev stream very politely only to be ignored. My server (POT5) has been dead for about a year & a half now, having only seen a slight & temporary bump at the release of 4.0. I've been a loyal subscriber since beta, & frankly I'm not feeling the love anymore. This new "group content focus" doesn't matter worth a salt if we can't play it on our server. I can count the amount times I've played the newest War-Zone on two hands, & the amount of times I've been able to play the new arena on one hand. Why you ask, because PvP hasn't popped reliably on POT5 in over a year.....with ranked & GSF being much longer than that. We are a Pub-side raiding guild at heart, & there have been many many nights when we can't get a raid off the ground because the server is depleted & we can't pug for open spots. Seriously, address this issue....I don't care how....just do it & do it soon. I've found myself caring less & less about SWTOR since 4.0 because I can't play half the game on my server with toons & friends I care about. I shouldn't have to log into the Harbinger on a toon I couldn't care less about just to PvP or play GSF with lag. On Ootinicast's 5 year anniversary episode you promised to do what made sense after the New Year, well its made sense for the last year & a half now. It would be nice if you kept your word for once. If there is one thing that could make me quit this game & disband my guild after 5 years, it's this issue....& frankly I'm not sure how much I have left in me.......

2). CXP has turned out to be a very flawed system. I didn't mind it so much at first, but over time I've come to notice it's more crippling issues. Foremost, it's a terrible system for casual players like myself. I do not have the time to be a hardcore player at this point in my life, & as a result there will come a point where most players in my guild will out-gear me with no avenue to catch up. As a result, there will come a time when we won't be able to play together with my guildies without being a burden as they move onto harder content. Prior to 5.0 this wasn't an issue, but as an individual with a career, necessary self-care, & a family I just don't have time to make grinding CXP another part-time job -- GG. And as previously server is I can't PvP or GSF to try & play catch fact...I really can't get any meaningful amount of CXP alone in what little spare-time I have to myself. While I am aware of the new CXP account unlocks...with those being per-toon & very expensive they aren't exactly a realistic option without a viable economy on my server. Moreover, I used to be able to sell Stims & Adrenals....can't do that on a dead server.......

In summation, I am very displeased with the current state of the game, mostly due to my experience with it on POT5. I do apologize for being so harsh, but it's how I've felt for a long time. I'm just not having a good time with this game anymore. I'm very excited to see the return of proper group content, but it's just not playable on my server for the most part. I wish you all well in your future endeavors.

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