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Fiiiiinal WAAAAAAVE!!!

omechron's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 04:21 PM | #1
I can't be the only one who keeps thinking of this when people talk about the final wave of invites going out...

Rayeahn's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 04:24 PM | #2
VoD Guild
Don't start none and there won't be none.

JediMasterLD's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 04:54 PM | #3
im mad that i clicked on the web adress, lame just lame. not trying to be rude

Domoto's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 05:06 PM | #4
The announcer is the best part of Gokaiger IMO, I mean it's a great sentai series and all, but he just makes my day. BIIIOOOMAANNNN

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12.13.2011 , 05:53 PM | #5

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12.13.2011 , 06:16 PM | #6
Hi there!

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Final Wave Sent!

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