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What will Disney do with Princess Leia in next movie?

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What will Disney do with Princess Leia in next movie?

RameiArashi's Avatar

12.31.2016 , 05:07 PM | #1
Some character mention she's on a secret mission, which she'll never return from?
Have her ship blow up giving the character an on screen death?

catsi's Avatar

12.31.2016 , 07:51 PM | #2
well they already stated that shed finished her scenes for Episode 8 so she will appear in that movie. As for Chapter 9 who knows?

Possible CGI replacement as they did for Paul Walker is not out of the question depending on what they work out with her estate.

But they also could go for an off screen death with dignity and let her memorial be the victory over the first order.
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01.01.2017 , 03:58 AM | #3
Like above she's done her scenes for episode 8, I'd imagine they are going to use a bit of CGI like in the last one and then probably kill, I imagine they'll want to do something about her and Han Solo reuniting but I don't know how as Han isn't a Jedi and she isn't trained so they wouldn't become force ghosts.
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01.16.2017 , 06:52 PM | #4
Thankfully no CGI. They did it well in Rogue One but I feel it's a little distasteful now that she's gone. I guess they will need to adapt somehow and edit/cut some of her scenes for episode 8. As for episode 9 it's hard to say, not too sure how significant her role would have been but in any case they will need to altar the story somewhat.
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01.18.2017 , 07:17 AM | #5
Can't find source right now, but some sources in Disney stated, that her role in Episode VIII will be more significant, than in Episode VII and in Episode IX they wanted to make it even more significant. I think that now, despite fact that she finished shots for Episode VII, some scenario change are needed. Thus we may not seen all scene she recorded, but that's just my assumption.
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01.18.2017 , 11:14 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by catsi View Post
As for Chapter 9 who knows?
There's an article this morning in my local paper and elsewhere online that they will not digitize her form in Chapter 9.

Granted how they feel may change later on.

And I point out again that they would have to get permission from her estate to do so.
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