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Connection problems...?

crisu's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 09:59 PM | #1
I will try to keep this as simple as posible due to my poor english.
Following thigs are happening while Im playing SWTOR:

-about 5-10% packet loss between computer and router (NOT ISP) is common for me (that cause random spikes once for awhile)
- sometimes I lose connection between my computer and router in this odd way... All other computers on netwrok can still access internet via same router, except for mine. I need to restart router to connect again...

Now, while Im not playing SWTOR but say WoW, Rift, browsing internet or w/e my packet loss is 0%. Made another ticket just now and figured I may wanna see if anybody else seen this before, since my last ticket was closed with comment: Thank you for bringing this to our attention...

//off topic

Costumer: Hey, Im subscriber and I can NOT play your game
Support: Thanks for leting us know. Bye.

SWTOR support for you. Haha...