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Defeating Vaylin's Spirit

Carterotomy's Avatar

01.15.2017 , 10:09 AM | #1
I have been playing SWTOR for a while now, having many characters, and 1 of them (my main) is a Jedi Shadow - Infiltration, he cannot Defeat Vaylin, after trying and trying, having to repair my armor twice, i'm sick of it, I only have 1 healing ability and it does not really even help, I have a deflection but shes to powerful, I used the Healing Circle to stun her and almost kill her id say about 30-40% but after that i don't get another Healing Circle, I get the starting one, then another like 15 seconds later then a 3 one like 1-2 mins later, but i've never been alive to see a fourth.
Please Help I Would Really Appreciate It Even If You Try.

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01.15.2017 , 01:29 PM | #2
This is the wrong forum, this forum is for discussin of the wider Star Wars universe, not SWTOR.

Either repost this in General Discussion or search there for one of the many threads on the subject, as this boss has caused a great deal of trouble already.
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06.29.2018 , 05:04 PM | #3
Hello Lvl 70 Sniper here. Died about 20 times before I read this thread! Went back and killed it!
All I did was go get repaired (doh) and buy fancy medpac off of marketplace and go back in doing the "draw her to the whirling heal spot by the stairs" thing. I moved back and went into crouch. I didn't have to re-spec or anything, just used my bought medpac once and anything healer-like the sniper has already plus adrenaline probe etc (can't hurt lol). So there is hope!

Actually my sniper has a bigger problem now as Arcan has fallen in love with her (and he has a voice that sends shivers down her spine), Theron has just gotten dumped and poor Vector is who knows where!?! <3
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