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Star Wars Republic's Future

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01.15.2017 , 04:33 AM | #1
I've been a Star Wars The Old Republic player for a long time now and and log in almost every day. I love the games story content and that's what keeps me thriving to log in so often. I really enjoyed KOTET and am looking forward to what comes next. The game has many pros, but unfortunately has some cons also. I feel like the game isn't giving to us what we've all been asking for, like its ignored us and keeps on adding content that we don't really want, I'm talking about Uprisings obviously. Players have begged and begged for new Operations, warzones, new strongholds and so much more yet none of these things have happened, yes there was new strongholds, but that was years ago, and yes there was new Warzones maps, but that was 1 and a half years ago. We want to see new locations, players will rush back into the game if we get this kind of content. Yes we got uprisings, but honestly I think they're just an excuse for content, and when I hear about new uprisings coming out, I'm just like 'really' ? Like there's so many more things we want more than Uprisings. Another thing is the games economy, can anyone really buy anything they want on the GTN without having constantly keep on buying cartel coins ? Most items are out of reach for players who just simply don't wan to spend more money on the game. I have to buy a hypercrate every once and a while for a chance to get something amazing I can sell, just to get a chance of affording the item I want. I haven't written this message to rant on about how bad the game is, the game is amazing and I love it to bits, I only want to see the game achieve its full potential. I believe the game can become better if it gives the community what it wants.

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01.15.2017 , 06:27 AM | #2
Ok, people do not like reading big blobs of words, kinda gets lost in a mess. Try using smaller paragraphs please.
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