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Video artifact / video graphic issues

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Video artifact / video graphic issues

doriscolleen's Avatar

01.11.2017 , 09:58 AM | #1
I have a video issue, after patching 5.0 and I believe a follow up patch after that, as I play presently in Yavin, the video has blinks and jumps. A video from Felicia, shows the same video issues I have . I updated all video cards, Intel , I reduced all game video requirements, my system is Asus CM 6850, I7 2600 cpu @3.4 GHZ , 8gb, 64 bit , Intel, 520 Nvidia, 1600x900 HP 2009m monitor. This is the only mmo with video issues. Yes V-sync off, bloom off, anti alising off, no shadows, no name plates, no grass, no trees, presently in full screen. if this is a bug when will it be fixed? Thank You for help

PanVlk's Avatar

01.11.2017 , 01:03 PM | #2
Wrong section. There is already a topic on this in bug report forums. You are not alone...
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