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January 5th Livestream Wrap-up

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January 5th Livestream Wrap-up
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.05.2017 , 03:25 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey folks,

Thank you to everyone who stopped in for the livestream today. If you missed it or you were looking for links to anything we mentioned, here is a recap:
  • 5-year anniversary rewards vendor will remain live until January 17th
  • Life Day event will remain live until January 10th
  • Game Update 5.1 - Coming January 24th
    • Five new Uprisings in Story and Veteran Difficulty
    • Master Difficulty for all KOTFE and KOTET Chapters
    • Galactic Command Gearing changes
  • Influencer Mentions
  • Next livestream will be on 1/26 to discuss what is coming after 5.1

Here are the names and locations of the five new Uprisings:
  • Trench Runner – Denova
  • Destroyer of Worlds – Makeb
  • Landing Party – Rakata Prime
  • Divided We Fall – Coruscant
  • Trial and Error – Space Station

Here is a recap of the changes to gearing in Galactic Command:
  • New currency: Command Tokens
    • They are earned from Command Crates
    • Command Tokens are Legacy wide
    • We will retroactively grant Command Tokens
  • New currency: Unassembled Components
    • Rewarded from participation in Warzones
  • New currency: Unassembled Gear Pieces
    • They are earned from Ops bosses or purchased with Unassembled Components
  • Vendors to purchase gear will be added to the fleet on January 24 (Game Update 5.1)

Thanks everyone!

Eric Musco | Community Manager
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01.05.2017 , 04:44 PM | #2
That stream was an utter disappointment. The community is in an uproar due to Galactic Command and you choose to ignore it. The 5.1 changes won't even come close to fixing it.
Here's the thread with concerns from Jedi Covenant: SWTOR forums / Reddit (since you wrote in stream chat that you haven't seen it, even though it's been in top place both on Reddit and in GD)

My two questions are:
  • Is the CXP rate from Uprisings really working as intended? You mentioned that CXP from Ops is too low, so I am assuming that CXP from Uprisings won't be nerfed?
  • Repair costs are too high for legendary gear; you mentioned previously that you consider lowering them. Any update on that?
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01.05.2017 , 04:48 PM | #3
...and Bioware continues to give solo players the giant finger. Typical. Grind is not an "opportunity." Period.

Eh. Why do I watch this stuff? I know it's just going to tick me off. At least leveling a new alt is still fun.

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01.05.2017 , 04:51 PM | #4
The new system to "Improve" Galactic Command is even more complex than the old system you intended to replace for its complexity.

The entire ordeal can be solved by simply making ops guarentee unassembled token drops from each boss like it has been since the game launched, and simply having galactic command an available way to acquire gear for those who don't enjoy doing operations. Coupled with buffs to GCXP payouts from PvP and GSF, as well as solo content, this would be the ideal solution.

~ Eudoxia
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01.05.2017 , 05:00 PM | #5
Are the new currencies (not just the command tokens) retroactive? They better be.

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01.05.2017 , 05:08 PM | #6
•Tomorrow, January 5th (same time as usual at 2PM Pacific) - A quick hello from the stream dream team. We will review the 5-year anniversary, talk about what is coming in the 1/24 Update(GU 5.1) and answer any questions!
Hi Eric.

I think your auto correct might be broken, it seems to have put the word "any" in where it should have "no".


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01.05.2017 , 05:13 PM | #7
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01.05.2017 , 05:18 PM | #8
I like the changes to the pvp and raids. Its a start. We still need legacy wide command rank. Also since you are adding command tokens have them be able to buy gear alone. If you should start tier 2 gear at 90. Do the math, you have 14 pieces of gear to buy and 90 ranks so about 6-7 ranks should get a piece of gear. Of course you can make it lower for ear/implants and higher for set bonus etc. I would also suggest the tokens be called tier 1/tier 2/ tier 3. So you have to be lvl 90 to be able to purchase tier 2 gear etc.

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01.05.2017 , 05:19 PM | #9
*drops a ball*
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01.05.2017 , 05:21 PM | #10
I have some questions regarding the pvp gearing progression.

I understand that Unassembled Components become Unassembled Gear Pieces (via a vendor) and that UGP + Command Tokens = Gear Piece. But will we have to keep the prior gear tier shells (like it has always been) and turn those in to get the next tier? So, if we get a 230 chest piece, we can pull armor / mod / enh but keep the chest shell in order to turn in for the next piece? Does this mean that since I didn't keep the shells that I have earned via GC, I will have to start from scratch and get the same pieces all over again in order to get the shells that I sold to vendors (after pulling armor / mod / enh)? :cries:

How many tiers will there be? Will the progression be 230>236>242 or does it include all of 230>234>236>240>242?

Naturally, we all want to know numbers for how many Components and Tokens required to get a given gear piece. I understand y'all are still figuring that out.

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